trade 2001 miata for 240sx

almost 5 years ago
trade 2001 miata for 240sx
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2001 Mazda Miata for trade. Looking for 240sx( Verts, coupe or hatches. doesnt matter. SR20 preferred but show me what you got.) FC3S RX-7, WRX and old school datsuns like the 240z.
currently is my DD. 126,xxx miles. Coilovers and rear and front antisway bars.
Bone stock engine! IT HAS A 5 SPEED transmission
SMOG LEGAL. Good til NOV 2013.
It Has xxr 002s, brand new tires. some Fuzion tires in the rear and Yokohama in the front. 205/50/16 in the rears, 195/45/16 in the front.
pretty clean, normal wear and tear for a 10 yr old car. Interior is practically perfect, its a good deal.
Here is the maintenance list:
brand new MAF sensor, cost me 220 bucks
Brand new coil packs, both of them. Cost me 200 bucks all together.
Brand new front o2 sensor from Bosche. 110 bucks.
brand new flyin' miata Vmaxx Coilovers. 800 bucks.
brand new Flyin' Miata rear and front anti-sway bars.
changed oil and filter 1k ago.
Timing belt and water pump OEM replacement kit (not installed yet)
needs alignment since its been lowered.
Looking for a trade. SR20 s13 hatches or coupes are what im looking for. Really want a SR hatch but throw out anything, show me what you got!
I got the car from an elderly man in his 50s. I believe i am the 3rd owner. I am the first to do anything performance related to this car. Was an elderly guy's DD before me.
text me at 626 586-7918. Located in Socal near Los Angeles.