2005 CGM STi (Fully Rebuilt Engine)

9 months ago
2005 CGM STi (Fully Rebuilt Engine)
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2005 STi w/ 134,XXX Crystal Gret Metallic (CGM)
I recently picked this car from my best friend since he no longer needed because he lives so close to work and he just hasnt driven the car. So, I did what any best friend would, drive it for him.
Right away I knew there were a few things that needed to be addressed. First I brought the car into Mill Street Tires and got new Continental DWS06 installed along with a new alignment located in Moorestown, NJ. The car drives straight as an arrow. Then I noticed that I was having horrible oil consumption about 1-2 quarts every other week. Then I proceeded to bring my car into RalliSpec located in Berlin, NJ. If youve ever heard of or been to RalliSpec, they are a top notch Subaru Tuner in the South Jersey area. I was lucky enough to have them so close to me. Therefore, I brought the car in to have kind of a once-over to check everything on the car. I has Dave, from Rallispec, do a compression test and found one of the cylinders had pretty low compression compared to the rest, 220
220 (later found out it was a broken ringland). I weighed my options where I was going to have the car sit and not do anything to the car or proceeded to do a full on rebuild. I chose the latter obviously. I knew I wasnt going to build a full on track car nor was I looking for massive amounts of power. I just wanted a reliable daily driver that was capable of going to the mountains for snowboarding or just driving through bad Northeast weather. While Dave was at it, I decided to have him address everything that needed to be replaced and perform all the necessary maintenance on the car (Have ALL Receipts for parts and labor). Now the car runs and drives like a dream. I drove through the recent snowstorm with ease and confidence. Rallispec did an amazing job. Towards the end of process, he noticed that my Access Port was acting funny, so he recommended that I purchase the new Access Port V3. After that, he performed a street tune and now the car runs and drives as it should but with a little more pep in the step. I dont see the need for a true dyno tune as the cars runs and drives as it should without hesitation. I am currently in the process of babying the car during the proper break-in period (@ 1200 miles). I will do an oil change with MOTUl 8100 5w40 after I reach this mark.
During this process Ive also picked up an S2000 also. After evaluating my current situation, I dont see a need to have 4 cars (NSX, Altima, STi, S2000) in my stable. So, after much contemplation Ive decided to sell the STi instead. Although I would love to all of cars, but I really dont see the practicality in owning them. Im not in a rush to sell and I will continue to drive and enjoy the car until it sells. The cars suspension is set-up very nicely (done by previous owner). The car handles very nicely and is very stable through turns. I have listed below are all of the modifications, maintenance, parts replaced. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. With all the recent maintenance done on the car, I dont see why the STi wont go another 100K+ Miles. I am an honest seller and have been since my early days in the Acura Legend forums. But you can search for me throughout the M3forums (ALwAyS4Sale), NSXprime (ALwAyS4SaLe), and s2ki.com (RuRoUnI_SS). Ive done many transactions and sold thousands of dollars in parts. Now for the honest truth.
As far as the condition of the car. Mechanically, the car it in great shape. As previously stated, everything has been addressed and replaced based on condition and need. This is by no means a show car. This is meant to be a reliable daily driver and is mechanically sound.
Heres a brief description, Over all, the car is in great shape. The STis exterior has paint chips and a few dents here and there, nothing a new painted front bumper and PDR cant fix (Remember this is a 12 year old car). The wheels have some curb rash (done by the previous owner), but hey its a daily driver that doesnt need to look perfect, but good enough to drive on and go up the mountains. The seats have no tears and carpet needs a good cleaning but nothing some elbow grease cant fix. I just havent had the time to give it the cleaning it deserves. I just received the car back as Rallispec has had the car for about 3months (I know its a long time, but Dave is a one man show and he has other priorities besides my car and I didnt need the car since I have a daily driver), so I will clean the car as soon as I have the time.
As far as the price. I have placed a Value of $17,000. If you thing its too high, move on. I will list the reasons why I think its worth $17,000.
- KBB Suggested Value (Good (I think its more between Very Good & Good) w/ 135,000 miles)
o Fair Price: $13,706
o Suggested Retail: $15,025
o Private Party $10,92
- NADA Guides
o $15,300
Ive searched through craigslist, car forums (NASOIC, IWSTI, Autotrader, Cars.com, EBAY) just to get a gauge on market prices on STi and they range anywhere from poor, high mileage, and require a new engine examples for $8700 to low mileage examples $20,000+. Most of the these cars have no prior history of addressing any of the inherent problems with the STi (namely broken ringlands, etc.) and have either been boosted/driven to hell. The buyers that get those cars are just rolling the dice with those cars, until something catastrophic happens, then you are SOL. The cars suspension is setup very nicely, with great suspension pieces, new tires, engine fully rebuilt with the heads, and every problems were replaced or addressed as preventative maintenance and have the receipts to prove it. Therefore, I think my price is reasonable considering, mechanically everything is sound and the car is ready for another 100K+ miles. Keep in mind, my price is not firm but I will not deviate too much. I dont need to sell the car so lowballers will be ignored.
In Summary:
Price: $17,000 OBO (Low Ballers will be ignored)
- Test drives for potential buyers with cash in hand
- If you are looking for just a cruise, or test out the engine, it will not be on my dime or time.
Location: Philly/NJ
Contact: 215-791-0140 (Please text, I can talk on the phone after 5pm
Im very busy so if you want to see the car please let me know in advance and I will see if I can set up a showing either on weekends or some weekdays)
- EJ25 Engine Disassembled and Rebuilt
o EJ25 Head Rebuild
♣ Supertech Valve Set (NEW)
♣ GSC Valve Guides (NEW)
♣ Valve Seals (NEW)
o Cylinder Heads Decked
o Cylinder Block Honed/Deglazed
o Engine Gasket Kit EJ257 MY04-06 (NEW)
o King XPG Rod Bearing Set 4cyl EJ Series 52mm Journal (STD) (NEW)
o King Subaru STi EJ25 Flange #3 Position (STD) Performance Main Bearing Set (NEW)
o OEM Pistons (NEW)
o ARP Head Stud Kit (NEW)
o Checked OEM Subaru Turbo (No Shaft Play as per RalliSpec)
- Replaced K&N Air Filter
- Replaced Motul 8100 5w40 Oil
- Replaced OEM Subaru Oil Filter (NEW)
- Replaced NGK Spark Plugs (NEW)
- Replaced OEM Fuel Sending Unit (NEW)
- Replaced OEM In-tank Fuel Filter (NEW)
- Replaced OEM Timing Belt (NEW)
- Replaced OEM Water Pump (NEW)
- Replaced OEM Subaru Coolant Flush
- Mishimoto Radiator (Suspension
- Replaced Axle Boots (NEW)
- Front Suspension
o SPT Front Strut Bar
o RCE Lowering Camber Plates
o JDM Pink STi Springs
o OEM Subaru STi Shocks
- Rear Suspension
o OEM Subaru Group-N Top Hats
o JDM Pink STi Springs
o OEM Subaru STi Shocks
- Alignment (- Perrin Rear Subaru STi Wing Vanes
- OEM Subaru Window Rain Guards
- Carbon Fiber Rear License Plate Garnish
- Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
- Rally Armor Mudflaps
Wheels and Tires
- OEM Subaru STi Wheels
- Continental DWS 06 225/45/17 (NEW Pictures:
The car is currently pretty dirty especially with the recent snow but here are some pictures before the car went to Rallispec. Nothing really changed, so here are the pictures.
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