CA, NorCal: Built 2009 STI DGM Hatchback, 500WHP

12 months ago
CA, NorCal: Built 2009 STI DGM Hatchback, 500WHP
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Turbo Oil Feed & AVCS Line, $89.99

I bought this very well built STI from another NASIOC member from SoCal on impulse during a road trip. It was suppose to serve as a weekend car for canyons and cruises, but it just has been sitting under cover. My living situation make it very difficult to take the car out, since I have to double park on a paved lawn and switch with my WRX, which I also rarely even drive anymore. When I do feel like driving, I just take out the WRX instead because if I wanted to take out the STI it takes about 20 minutes to switch.
My job provides yearly train passes so Ive just Ive just been riding that to beat Bay Area traffic. Does not make sense for me own it now. Would rather free up the money so I could go back to school or plan for a kid. Its built to dominate the track, but I doubt Ill ever have time take it there. I work roughly 80 hours a week, so any spare time I can get goes into R&R.
I did an extremely thorough inspection of this car. Made sure it was cool to the touch when I came to check it out so I could inspect all the fluids, belts and deep hard to get to parts. Check the bodys integrity. The engine is spotless with no leaks. Took it for a test drive, drove it semi hard to check boost and multiple gears. It drove like a dream. After the drive, Robert was kind enough to get it a lift where I spend a good amount of time inspecting the whole drivetrain. If this wasnt enough, I even reached out to Master Paul Leung at Yimi Motorsport to inquire about the car. Paul had nothing but good thing to say about the car, the build and the owner. The owner is a BMW technician and the quality of his work shows.
From Paul:
It's a nice car. Robert did a lot of the work himself, but is amply capable since he is a tech at a BMW dealership. Sometimes that isn't a good thing, but I specifically bring my BMW X5 to him when there are any warranty issues and he does a great job. He also knows when to when to defer to people who work on Subarus for a living, so he sought out our advice and the help of our friends at Renner Racing Development. I haven't seen it in a few months but it drove well then and seemed to be in good shape otherwise. Obviously I can't vouch for it beyond that so you'll want to do your due diligence on it as well.
Paul Leung
General Manager, Engine Management Calibrator
Clean title in hand and is smogged. Ready for a new loving home. Car can be seen in Palo Alto, California
Asking $26,000, you can reach me via text at 408-479-4704
2009 STi Flex Fuel
Clean Title
Dark Grey Metallic
498whp/508wtq on E79 @26psi
402/409wtq on 91 @ 21psi
97k miles on chassis
8k miles on rebuilt engine
8k miles on clutch
8k miles on fuel system components
8k miles on blouch turbo
9k miles on suspension
3k miles on brakes
Items on Car. MSRP is included for reference.
Engine Build $4,222.06
Closed Deck V3, $875.00
Manley H Tuff Rod, $470.03
JE PISTONS 99.75MM 8.5:1, Extreme/Time Attack $526.01
Rebuilt Heads[new valve guides/seal/valve job/resurfaced/all galleys cleaned with brush], $400
SoCal Porting, Stage 3 Ported Heads, $400
2011+ Forged Sti Crankshaft + Hardend, $381.56
JDM 12mm Oil Pump, $219.10
APR Head Stud Kit, $205.38
Gates Racing Timing Belt Kit, $294.99
12mm Intake Manifold Phenolic Spacers, $60
IAG Stock Location Turbo Oil Feed & AVCS Line, $89.99
SoCal Porting TGV Delete + Cerakote Ceramic, $300
Engine $4,660.09
Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator, $301.92
Blouch 1.5XTR 10cm^2 3" Inlet, $1,650.00
Omni 4 Bar Map Sensor, $116.99
PRL EGR Delete Plates, $34.99
IAG Performance Competition Series Air / Oil Separator, $379.99
Injector Dynamics ID1300 Injectors, $900
DeatschWerks DW300c Series, $151.20
COBB Subaru 08-16 STI Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit, $300.00
COBB Subaru 2007-2017 STI Fuel Pressue Sensor Kit, $225.00
COBB Subaru 2008-2017 STI Flex Fuek Ethanol Sensor Kit, $600
Intake $2,246
73mm Cold Air Intake, $200
Perrin Front Mount Intercooler (Black) + Coolant Reservoir, $1,611.00
AMR Turbo Inlet 3", $324.99
Grimmspeed 3 Port EBCS, $110
Drivetrain $2,015.41
ACT SB10-XTSS Xtreme Duty Performance Street Disc Clutch Kit, $631.00
Circuit Motorsports Clutch Master Cylinder Brace, $179.99
COBB Subaru 6-Speed Double Adjustible Short Throw Shifter, $175
COBB Subaru 6-Speed Shifter Bushing Pack, $65
COBB Shift Knob, $70
Meyle HD Rotors, $300
Hawk DTC-60 Front, $288.26
Hawk DTC-60 Rear, $180.58
GoodRidge Stainless Steel, $125.58
Exhaust $2,000
Cobb Turbo Heat shield, $65
Invidia Catless Downpipe, $324.14
Perrin 3" Catback Exhaust, $900.00
Tomei Equal Length Exhaust Manifold, $711.00
Tomei Up pipe
Suspension $6,478.22
Gram Lights 57DR GOLD 18X9.5 +38, $1,714.00
ARP Extended Wheel Studs 5 Pack x 4, $142.80
Muteki Lug, $55
KW V3 Coil overs, $2,799.00
Whiteline Front Roll Center Adjustment Kit, $224.82
Whiteline Front Sway Bar 22mm Adjustable, $215.82
Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 24mm Adjustable, $269.82
Whiteline Adjustable Ball Socket Front End links, $119.52
Whiteline Adjustable Ball Socket Rear End links, $119.52
Whiteline Adjustable Lower Control Arms Rear, $251.82
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings, $71.82
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Race Version, $233.82
Whiteline Front Inner Lower Control Arm Bushing, $35.82
Whiteline Crossmember Subframe Mount Bushing Inserts, $44.82
Whiteline Com 'C' Caster/Camber Adjusting Strut Mount, $179.82
Interior $696.57
Alcantara-Covered SMY Dual Gauge PodCluster, $365.00
AEM UEGO Air-Fuel Ratio Gauge, $168.99
AEM Boost Gauge Digital, $162.58
Custom Cobb V3 Mount
Exterior $813.55
STi Front Lip, $99.00
STi Euro Style Marque Plate, $28.07
JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Gurney Flap, $199.00
Red Vinyl Rear Taillight Overlays, $29.99
Clear Headlight Overlays, $49.99
Perrin Super Shorty Antenna, $22.50
Black Housing Headlights with Halos, $300.00
KSTech Hoodscoop Block Off, $85.00
Stock Parts
Stock STI Struts and Springs
Stock Sway Bars
Stock Shift Knob
Stock Cluster
Stock Down pipe
Stock Intake
Bunch of bits here and there
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