G50/52 Turbo 5 speed transaxle with extras

about 1 year ago
FS: G50/52 Turbo 5 speed transaxle with extras
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San Diego Ca

I purchased this transaxle about 8 years ago for a GTM kit car I was building. I never finished the project and am selling off all the parts. It has been sitting in my garage the whole time. When I purchased it, I was told it came from a wrecked car with approx 26K miles on it. The nose cone was cracked upon removal and was fixed, but I have replaced it with a pristine one from CMS. the whole case was hot tanked to remove the cosmoline and the trans was inspected with no issues found. I am not a transmission expert, but I can attest it's pretty tight, so much that its difficult to turn the axle flange by hand. I've had 6 G50 boxes in the last 10 years and this one is by far the best condition.
I did paint the trans with cast aluminum transmission paint.
I'm including a new Bosch starter, slave cylinder and 3 used throwout forks and hardware.
I'm also including two (2) new Sachs clutch sets. One of the clutch discs has minor surface rust on it, but should not affect performance.
I will crate it, so it will go UPS freight.
Asking $13,000 shipped.
PM me with any questions.
Thanks for looking!