Gotti/Etoile 8&9 x 16" wheels w/ spares

12 months ago
Gotti/Etoile 8&9 x 16" wheels w/ spares
John Schaefer
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Daytona Beach, Florida

These were purchase new in 1989 to be used as a set of track wheels/tires, but the car was never tracked, so they have been stored away all these years. 8 and 9 x 16" with offsets to fit a 1989 944 Turbo S. There is an extra wheel of each width (never mounted) and a spare outer 9" wide outer rim to be included in this package sale. The wheels are in undamaged condition, but the clear coat has hazed in some areas on the four mounted with tires. The tires, while not dry rotted, are 24 years old and I wouldn't consider them roadworthy. Looking to get $850.00 for everything, plus any shipping (and expense to remove tires for shipping) and Paypal fees.