need advice: buying a 996 turbo

11 months ago
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Grover Beach

Ive been wanting to buy a 996 turbo for a long time.
Have passed up some great opportunities because the timing wasn't right.
Now I just want one.
Not interested in collecting.
Just want one that will be reliable and spend more time on the road than the shop. I can't afford a money pit.
I'm not a mechanic so any major issue is going to a shop.
I found a 2003 coupe blk/blk 6speed w/ 73k miles and looks great so far but has at least one potentially expensive issue:
spoiler doesn't work.
I'm not totally horrified by this because I know there are several options: I might be lucky and it could be a simple problem that I can just fix myself, I could eliminate the issue and get a $150 kit to just fix it in place, or i could upgrade and get the light weight Rennkit which will be ~$1700:
996 Turbo eRam Electric Wing Actuation Kit - Rennkit - Rennkit
This car has after market stereo which I am fine with because the stock ones were nothing special.
Has Bilstein PSS10 coilovers, extra set of wheels in addition to the turbo twists, will need tires soon.
Has already had the 2nd gear pop out addressed before it became an issue.
Engine is reportedly stock.
He did add RSS engine mounts.
Reason for selling is that the seller moved in to a new home and the driveway is less than accommodating for a low height car.
I am getting a PPI at a reputable shop. I've offered a fair price and he has accepted.
Purchase will be contingent on a clean PPI without major issues.
This is not my first porsche so I know the potential pitfalls.
Carfax is clean but it has had 5 owners which is probably the thing that concerns me the most.
I'm just curious about some experienced opinions on this.
Your thoughts are appreciated.