2005 Jet Black / Black M3 Coupe: 62k Miles, 6MT, SoCal

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FS: 2005 Jet Black / Black M3 Coupe: 62k Miles, 6MT, SoCal
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Hi all - I have owned this car for the last nearly 7 years and love it dearly, but unfortunately some family circumstances have come up and it's caused me to think about selling it.
Year: 2005 M3 Coupe
Color: Jet Black
Transmission: 6MT
Mileage: ~62k (61,808 to be exact)
Major Factory Options: Black Nappa leather, sunroof, dual power seats, Harmon Kardon, cold weather package, factory navigation
Mods: OEM CSL Trunk, Gloss White Volk TE37, TCKline S/A, Platte Forme rear CSL diffuser (Half carbon), Deadlysyns e-brake and shift boot, Supersprint Race Exhaust, Supersprint V2 Non-Stepped headers, black side grills, Evolve-R tune, Macht Schnell Drop-in filter, 330d shifter, ZHP knob and more small items
Price: $26k
A bit of background: I purchased the car in March 2011 from the second owner in western MA. The car passed PPI with no issues, but I'm a stickler for baseline maintenance so it immediately went in for new fluids upon my ownership at 39k miles. The mileage currently sits around 61k now, the majority of which I put on between 2011 and 2013; in the last 4 years, it's been driven less than 2k miles per year.
Since I've owned it, I took it in for the initial fluids service at a local BMW dealer in CT, and after moving to California, Platte Forme and Performance Technic each saw the car once (PF for the coilover install, PTech for an alignment and swap-out to a slightly higher rate rear spring) but once I met Casey at RaceWerkz Engineering in Los Angeles in late 2012 he took over all of the work on the car (he knows this particular car well). I am very meticulous when it comes to my E46 and it's a very clean example. I have a binder that has some of the service records going back to the original owner, and have all of my own service receipts (everything from oil changes to inspection II to the work on the mods that weren't done myself).
The car currently sits on square Gloss White Volk TE37s (OG version, not the SL - harder to find), 18x9.5 ET22 all around with 265/35/18 Hankook Ventus Evo tires. The stickers on the Volks are coming off on two of the wheels but i have replacements that I will provide with the car. It also has TCK S/A's with Vorshlag camber plates (~10k miles on the set in total), Supersprint V2 non-stepped headers and Race exhaust, MS air filter and drop-in, and an OEM CSL trunk along with a CSL half carbon diffuser. It also has an Evolve-R 91 octane tune.
Aside from the 330d shifter / ZHP knob and the Deadlysyns shift boots, the interior is stock. The HK sound system is stock except for wiring for an aftermarket subwoofer and amp (I had a JL 10W3 in there for years which I've recently removed) and an OEM BMW aux input.
I still have all of my stock parts (sans headers) and if the buyer prefers to go the stock route, I'm happy to go back to stock and part out some or all of my goodies.
The carfax does show one incident prior to my ownership; I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it looked like a blowout or debris caught the rear bumper and it was professionally repaired. To be honest, had the carfax not shown it I wouldn't have been able to tell. The rear bumper has a small flaw on the back; honestly, it hasn't bothered me much so I haven't fixed it but there's no major damage to it whatsoever. No further incidents or stories since I've owned it of any sort. Car has a clean title and no liens.
I have not done the subframe reinforcement or VANOS yet; on subframe, I was told by all three places that this car has been to over the years that the subframe on the car was in perfect condition and there was really no need to touch it unless I planned to do track duty, which I haven't and don't. Casey looked at the VANOS during the Inspection II (done at ~58k miles) and said all looked good as well. Believe me, had they said I needed either I would have most definitely done it as that's just my personality, but given that both areas came back healthy I have left them alone for now.
I am asking $26,000 all in with everything. If there's more interest for it totally stock, I'll part it out and sell stock for somewhere in the neighborhood of $21k. Located in Los Angeles, CA. I would prefer to sell local but have no problem at all with shipping if buyer arranges / pays.
Please, serious buyers only.
Thanks very much for looking and any questions please feel free to ask!