NY Gorgeous RSTI for sale

almost 3 years ago
NY Gorgeous RSTI for sale
Mr. Simplisto
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With a heavy heart I have to sell my car. My apartment went on fire yesterday in the tenant upstairs' apartment. My wife, three small kids and myself lived on the ground floor and apparently it was an illegal apartment house. No one was hurt, but now my landlord says we have 30-60 days to move. I have to sell my car in order to help get the down payment for a house together. My wife and I love the car, so this is very hard on us both. We are asking for 30k for the car. It is extremely well maintained, super clean, and has new wheels since the photos below. I will take pictures of the interior when I get home. It has been featured in Drive Performance magazine. If any of you have been to Wicked Big Meet you've probably seen it there too.
I will post a list of complete mod's when I have a minute. Given that this whole process is hard enough, please no back and forth of if the car looks good or not, this isn't an opinion thread, its a serious buyers thread.
Thanks in advance.
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Engine Mods:
06 STI swap with transmission
manly pistans and rods
mishimoto radiator
" " rad hoses
" " black front mount
Presicion rotated ball bearing turbo
turbo blanket
mishimoto inter cooler hose couplings
t bends
Battery reclocation kit
greedy evo z exhaust (no cats)
group n motor mounts
has port pitch mount
access port
JDM aero guards front and rear
" ver 5/6 rear wing
shaved antenna
shaved trunk key
shaved door bumper (jdm style)
custom flared rear quarter panels
customer hand made to match 22b front fenders
jdm front grill
custom moulded jdm charge speed front lip
customer turbo body moulded to reach trunk
jdn ver 5/6 rear spats
custom paint Nissan armada smoke with pearl
Tien front & rear matching strut tower bars
whiteline front and rear sway bars
ISC coil overs
white line front swar bars buschings
Perrin anti lift kit
whiteline front sway bar and link kit
" " ball joint kit (front) and outer tie rod ends
" " rear sway bar sway bar end link kit
" " adjustable rear control arms
" " rear toe lock kit
" " front control arm bushings
" " gear box cross member pads
GT spec rear t brace
super line rear ends buschings
Sparco steering wheel
" " shift knob
" " front seats R505
Custom sprayed interior to match exterior
Safe dries roll bar
2 seat harness (5pt) brand name will be supplied
STI gage cluster 06
Custom spray black bezel
DEFI boost gage
AEM air fuel ratio gauge
DEFI oil press gauge
Customer sprayed interior panels, matte black.
Gage pod holder driver side pillar
Stainless steel lines
4 pot/ 2 pot 06 WRX Calipers customer prayed to match car
Wheels/ Tires:
Rays 57 D 18x9
Bridgestone Potenza REO 70
Im sure I will think of more, but basically every washer has been replaced. Less than 10,000 miles on motor, PAS of Deer Park can vouch for it. Dyno'd at 400 wheel, tuned by Dave Brown (conservatively). It is a well loved car, never raced or launched. Oil changes every 1500 miles. Meticulously maintained.
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