MN 1989 Nissan Skyline GTR - 31k miles, 100% stock

almost 3 years ago
MN 1989 Nissan Skyline GTR - 31k miles, 100% stock
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Minneapolis/Sioux Falls

1989 Skyline GTR
100% stock, down to the boost pill
31k miles - not original cluster, but going off the condition, it's very believable
Very few exterior flaws
-Minor touch up paint applied to right rear fender and wing (less than quarter sized flaws)
-ZERO rust
-Stock plastic undertray still attached!!
This car is way clean. It is a perfect car to be enjoyed on nice sunny days and to be left stock. It is also the perfect candidate for a full build, because nothing has been messed with.
Compression test:
Asking $28,000 or better offer
-this is a premium for this car, I know. But I challenge you to find one in this unmolested and aesthetic condition
*Edit* I have not had the car long. I do have a MN title in my hand. I was looking for a Daily Driver, but I feel so guilty driving this car in the current 8" of snow. My company is also going through layoffs and I'm trying to be a responsible adult -__-
Photo Nov 27, 10 17 10 AM by Stephen Miller, on Flickr
Interior Driver by Stephen Miller, on Flickr
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