New revlimiter Horn Buttons added to the store!

over 1 year ago
New revlimiter Horn Buttons added to the store!
Available on
95 FM2: Sharka

I've been working hard at expanding my product selection. In that effort, I've got a couple new Miata horn buttons...
Type M which has
only been a keychain so far. Now it's a horn button available in foil red or chrome. For the M-edition lovers everywhere!
Version Flame - also in foil red or chrome. There's a contingent who really like the Eternal Flame hood badge. This one's for them. Now the steering wheel can have a matching logo.
I'm also expanding to the Datsun, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan realms. I've got a few new designs for those makes.
Rising SUN - A Datsun logo
Type H - Vintage Honda logo stuff is hard to find. Hopefully this makes a few enthusiasts happy.
TEq - my take on the vintage Toyota logo.
If you guys want any odd/rare/vintage logos added to the store, just let me know. I'm happy to make new stuff. And I can easily customize any of the colors on the existing designs.
revlimiter Horn Buttons