CA - FT: 1991 Nissan Silvia Coupe

about 4 years ago
CA - FT: 1991 Nissan Silvia Coupe
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just trying to see what kind of offers i can get before i commit to selling it. im still very attached to the car, i would need a trade/offer i couldnt refuse to let the car go sooner.
looking to trade for a more current car like an S2000, 350Z, E36 or E36 M3 with equal value or anything cool and modern thats rwd and has a manual transmission. if its worth more than my car, i can add cash on myend, around $2000 max
including the cost of the car, everything ive done to it (including cost maintenance, repairs, tires, parts blah blah) comes out to over $7000+
if i have to include a price, for the sake of forum rules, id start at $5000 obo,
this car is my daily, its been drifted, it hasnt failed me yet. basic maintenance preformed ever 3000 miles. car is well taken care of. everything works on the gauge cluster, ac, seat belts, dome light, everything. car is perfectly drive-able, with the exception of the torn boots. not recommended on bad roads. it wills scrape and spark on the slightest uneven road or bump.
basic rundown:
clean title
158xxx miles
passed smog when bought from previous owner, due next year
base model coupe
all stock ka24de
recently installed AC, blows ice cold
PBM Coils
PBM skid plate
17x9.5 +15 with 205/40s all around (might be gone in a couple weeks)
silvia front, oem everything
5 lug conversion
godspeed rods and SPL camber arms
welded diff
...and much more that im forgetting
oil pan is dented, has a leak, JB welded and has held up so far (planned to turbo it, thats why i havent changed it yet)
sway bar is grinded half way down from being so low
sway bar grinded through skid plate, but still protects oil pan
rear axle boots just ripped yesterday
hollowed out cat, leaks from DP to cat from being so low
dents on the driver rear quarter panel from being hit from previous owner
could use new bushing
could use a paint job
PM me and i will get back to you asap.