PA 1992 Nissan 240sx project car. 1600

about 4 years ago
PA 1992 Nissan 240sx project car. 1600
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I have up for sale my 1992 nissan 240sx hatchback project car. Picked the car up at the end of October 12 and it has sat at my house up to this point. The car sat for an undetermined amount of time before I picked it up uncovered at the mercy of the elements. When I got the car it was put under a car port and covered with a car cover. When I picked the car up it had no front end at all. The car however did run and drive. I am not going to lie this car need a little work it was supposed to be a project car. However some issues with my daily driver and other family issues have gotten in the way of completing this car as is my usual luck. I am going to give a run down of the car as honestly as I can, and I will price the car accordingly to what I feel it is worth. Frame rails, wheels wells, rocker panels clean of rust.
Car will come with the following parts
Vis D-Max vented hood. $375
Aerocatch flush locking hood pins BNIB. $75
BNIB Isis full suspension kit. $300
AEM KA24DE intake. $150 (This is a brand new intake has only seen maybe 30min run time on the motor)
HKS Hi-Power (Real/Rep unsure) $190 I was told there was a stamp on the tpip of the exhaust but I couldn't see it so I am saying knock off atm
Blue bubble shift knob and blue digital camo shift boot. $75
H4 complete headlights. $80
New spark plugs and wires.
Lowering springs and swaybars. Came with the car unknown brand.
Now for the bad and the project part of the car.
No front bumper
No Fenders
Passenger door has big dent in it. I do however have an undamaged door that will come with the car.
Quarter panel next to passenger door also has damage to it.
Minor surface rust on front of car due to it sitting in the elements for a while over the summer before I bought the car.
Surface rust in the spare tire area. I believe this is because the previous owner had kouki tails and replaced them with stock.
Driver side and hatch locks do not work with the key I have. Haven't tried the passenger side door.
The car when I bought it has a hesitation and sputtering issue.
Car has no carpet at all and the rear seats are not istalled but will come with the car.
Car has some wiring issues which I will explain below.
Before I bought the car it apparently had a silvia front and a walbro fuel pump. The driver side headlight has somekind of short in the motor wiring which causes the headlight motor once it is switched on to adjust until you unplug the headlight motor from the car. Also there is no main connector for the headlight to get power to the bulb at this time. Don't know why the driver side was cut and the passenger side wasn't I didn't do the wiring. Also the fuel pump when it was switched out had all the wires cut on the walbro and had a stock unit crimped into the cut wires. Agian I didn't do the wiring don't know why it was done this way.
I am looking for 1600 for everything including the car. I am taking 200 off of the total of all parts included which are already discounted even tho most are brand new and asking for 600 for the car. I feel that is fair for everything included. I was going to sell the car with none of the aftermarket stuff, but seeing as how it is at my parents house I don't want a bunch of parts around the house.
So to recap
$1000 for all the parts included
$600 for a running 5 speed KA24DE
I am pretty much firm on this price. No drift tax on the car, and I am being as honest as I can be with things I remember and have found out myself after getting the car.
[Imgur](imgur: the simple image sharer)
Car does not have fenders. Fenders were sold.
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