1982 Porsche 911SC Coupe

10 months ago
1982 Porsche 911SC Coupe
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New Orleans

Considering selling outright or trade for the right car.
Looking for either a 964 or 996 Turbo or 997 S.
Possibly an earlier longhood hotrod.
Even trade or very close.
Need something more comfortable for the wife and kids.
And its hot here in New Orleans.
36k firm for my car.
Please only serious parties only.
Firm price.
Don't care to sell but I am open to exploring my options.
PM me your email address and I can send you a link to my dropbox with invoices and pics.
Lots of upgrades etc...
Engine: M930/16 64C1350
Transmission: G915/63 74C1327
Color: Zinc Metallic/U3
Interior: Can-Can Leather/VE
Certificate of Authenticity
89K and counting
36k and not a penny less
In 2008, it was chemically stripped, partially dis-assembled, and re painted with Glaserit paint of the same paint code as original.
At that time, the dashboard and of course some seals were replaced.
A replica (meaning metal and fiberglass) ducktail and a stock rubber chin spoiler was added.
A clear bra was also installed along with clear rear fender flare protection.
Since then, it has been covered and garaged.
Paint is in excellent shape with only very minor chips on the front.
Headlights are H4s and have recently been painted yellow.
Also recently added are Vitaloni Mach 1 mirrors and Fuchs where painted satin black.
A previous owner re-dyed the front seats the original Can Can red.
The front seats leather is showing its age.
They are serviceable, but there is some cracking on the tops of the side bolsters, most notably on the drivers side.
The rest of the interior is in good to excellent condition. The carpet is a mix of original and new; spritzed/spruced it presents very well.
The PO removed the AC as well as the center console.
Engine: The engine does not smoke at all unless the car has a) been sitting for a month without driving or b) been driven under hard cornering loads with close to a full oil tank. In either case, it may smoke on start for a bit.
There are no engine starting or running issues.
It has the pop-off valve and chain tensioner upgrade.
Internals are stock.
I installed SSI headers/heat exchangers, and also an M & K two in, one out muffler.
I sourced the muffler used, and it had started life as a two in, two out.
One end is welded closed and has caused no issues.
No droning and sounds fantastic.
I have two air box covers; one Ive removed the ends to get more air in.
The other is stock.
It has Clewitt Engineering spark plug wires.
While the transmission was out (2016) several seals and hard to get at vacuum lines and seals were replaced, the throttle linkage was rebuilt, engine and transmission mounts were replaced with sport mounts, a complete tune up was performed, and the fuel lines were inspected and found to be in good condition. A lightweight engine sound pad was installed at the same time.
There is a Carrera 14 row brass oil cooler installed, and Elephant Racing finned oil lines.
They make a 5-10 degree difference and because of the pressure ports allow a complete evacuation of the oil lines.
There are zero significant leaks.
I wont say 0 leaks period, because this is an old 911, and I continue to drive it, and oil leaks happen.
Definitely no drips.
The transmission was removed and rebuilt in January of 2016.
Some new syncros and sliders were installed; the clutch, clutch cable, clutch clevis, clevis clip, release arm spring, clutch return spring, and release bearing were replaced.
While its not a G50, it is smooth and positive.
Best shifting 915 I have owned.
It has a partial aluminum pressure plate.
There is a Weltmeister short shift kit installed, and also a Seine shift gate. It is really nice to have to pull through the gate shift into the 1st/2nd plane on downshifts.
When the Seine gate shift kit was installed, the tech who did it cut a hole in the shifter boot to allow the gate assembly shaft to protrude. Boot has been removed but will be provided.
It sticks up about an inch through the boot on the right side. The half shafts were replaced in 2013.
There are Bilstein Sport inserts/shock absorbers at all corners.
There are Elephant Racing Polybronze bushings front and rear with zercs fittings for easy lubrication.
There are Elephant Racing adjustable sway bars front and rear with appropriate reinforcing plates installed.
The torsion bars are hollow Sanders engineering bars, 21MM effective rate in front and 27MM effective rate in rear.
There are adjustable spring plates in the rear.
The car is lowered to euro ride height, maybe a smidge lower, and is corner balanced for a 150-160 pound driver.
The car is aligned for autocross and light track duty.
It is firm and sporty but does not beat you to death.
Brakes: Stock. The front calipers were re-built.
The rotors have been replaced.
There are stainless steel brake lines all around.
Wheels and tires.
16s x 7 and 8 with new Bridgestone R-71Rs.
As mentioned, the air conditioning was removed in its entirety.
The heat was backdated to pre-blower.
The heat works great, and the ventilation system works as advertised. All lights and rheostats function normally.
The electrical system, electric windows, side mirrors, electric antenna, sunroof, rear window defroster, cruise control, and fog lights, function normally.
Windshield wipers have been reversed.
The headlight washers were not replaced when the car was re-painted.
The windshield washer works anemically.
The battery is a very light weight battery designed for Miatas.
The car was previously maintained by Russ Kelso of Professional Motor Car Investments in Albuquerque, and Goldcrest Motor Sports in Kennessaw, GA.
Overall I would call this car a very, very good driver or candidate for finishing a preservation restoration.
It is a hoot to drive, sounds marvelous, handles nimbly as it is considerably lighter then stock with purposeful suspension upgrades, and is just pretty to look at.
You will be proud to own it.
Shift boot.
Misc parts.
Rear seat belts.

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