1983 911SC 3.0L Engine for sale - 1 broken head stud

11 months ago
1983 911SC 3.0L Engine for sale - 1 broken head stud
Jim Dunham
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Plymouth, Mi.

1983 3.0L engine for sale
that came out of a stock 1983 911SC that was hit in the front.
I purchased the engine from Rick at Weekend Rides in PA and it ran really great before the accident.
This was a low mileage engine (63,693 miles) & complete powertrain with CIS, 915 trans, etc.
I was really excited to find such a great engine for my 72 911RS Tribute project I was working on.
Engine type is 930/16
serial number 6412055.
I removed the CIS (still have it) and went thru the engine, adjusting valves, etc and all looked great.
I found a 930.106.101.0R hot rod fan and housing setup (smaller fan is very desireable and hard to find) rebuilt the alternator and had everything powdercoated.
Installed Weber carbs and
was assembling the last of the cleaned up sheetmetal when I discovered a single broken head stud.
Could not see it until the sheetmetal was removed on the back.
Debated whether to teardown and repair; or sell as is.
Since I have 2 other 3.0L engines needing teardown, it seems prudent to let this one go as is.
It has webers on it now but the CIS system could go with it instead.
I also have another Weber setup with tall PMO manifolds if that setup is preferred.
I have all the pieces (all engine tin, flywheel, CIS airbox or K&N filters, plug wires, harness, etc) except the exhaust.
Price is $7400.00
(buyer pays PayPal fees).