2.0L NC1 Engine out of a 6-speed car, 33,000 miles, Maryland

6 months ago
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I bought a 2006 6-speed Sport MX-5 to use as part of a project. I don't need the 2.0L engine. The car ran and drove well prior to being removed from the car and the oil is clean. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to connect a jump box to the starter and measure the compression. I do have a video of the engine starting and running that I can provide as well. The engine doesn't leak and is visually in excellent condition (i.e, it's clean).
I need the accessories and intake manifold off of this engine so I'll be selling it as a long block. I would prefer a local sale but I can crate it and ship it freight at the buyer's expense. I'll also deliver to someone within a reasonable distance for the cost of fuel.
I'm asking $400 for the engine. Please e-mail me at johnvitamvas at gmail dot com if you're interested.