2.7 engine case and other parts

3 months ago
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Northern (UpState) CA

I have a torn down 2.7 California CIS engine with most of the parts.
A few years ago I sold the timing chain cases, tensioners, fan and shroud then stopped looking for people in need of parts.
I have most of the other internals and will list those as I empty out my storage room.
The engine had been rebuilt then abandoned to a storage shed when I bought it with a surprise of forged RS pistons (5 are good)
CIS hasn't been tested, exchangers are gone.
It did run roughly when I swapped it into my 911 S - the cause was a small bolt in cylinder #2 - (the no-good piston)
The case is the 911/44 1975 CIS California SN 6551387
The pictures show the condition - it is ready for machining.
Timeserts were placed and some came out with the head studs.
There is no oil bypass modification.
During teardown one oil passage had a deformed gasket and corrosion had built up - this would need to be reformed by a machinist.
Why does EBay have these cases for $2500?
I will sell this case for $250 plus shipping including the headstuds, through bolts and odds and ends I have as requested.
If you are interested in RS pistons (5), Nikasil cylinders (4), crank, cams, 2.7 oil pump (2), cam carriers, connecting rods, heads (4-5), rockers ets PM me for more information and I will make you a deal.

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