2011 MX5 PRHT GT AT6 w/ 23k miles

10 months ago
Available on

Just like title says. Fully loaded with everything they had for this year model (Auto) AKE, Two fobs, Heated leather seats, OEM HiD headlamps. Selling the car completely stock, but the exhaust, Ohlins coil overs, LSD unit,and PowderCoated NC1 rims with new Michelins are negotiable. It will be sold otherwise with the Factory oem 17 Silver V spike rims and oem tires, power fuel door mod, upgraded Bilsteins , and OE muffler with custom rolled tips. Stored winters since new( original owners stored also). Very clean, exactly what youd expect for a 23k Car. Look up my posts and youll see all other info and mods done to this car (all reversible).
$12500. Delivery might be possible or I can also pick you up at the airport. Storage time is here, and this sale ad was more of a
if I sell it, whatever type thing. plus I keep seeing older NC1s asking this price.
No liens, clear title.

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