6UL Wheels for ALL YEARS of the Miata @ Goodwin Racing

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6UL Wheels for ALL YEARS of the Miata @ Goodwin Racing
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Goodwin Racing

NOW TAKING ORDERS for NC and ND fitments!
The widely popular 949Racing 6UL, now in its 4th generation - stronger and lighter than ever - is now available for more years of Miata than ever before!
There are discussions about these wheels in the generation-specific sections, but it's time for the official thread.
NOTE: 949Racing will not be making wheels/colors that are not ordered by their vendors, and our future orders are shaped by your demand! 'Cast your vote' by placing your order to lock in the size/color you want!
2016 MX-5 ND:
17x8 4x100 6UL - Bronze
17x8 4x100 6UL - Charcoal
17x8 4x100 6UL - Silver
17x8 4x100 6UL - Tungsten
17x9 4x100 6UL - Bronze
17x9 4x100 6UL - Charcoal
17x9 4x100 6UL - Silver
17x9 4x100 6UL - Tungsten
2006-2015 MX-5 NC
17x8 5x114 6UL - Bronze
17x8 5x114 6UL - Charcoal
17x8 5x114 6UL - Silver
17x8 5x114 6UL - Tungsten
17x9 5x114 6UL - Bronze
17x9 5x114 6UL - Charcoal
17x9 5x114 6UL - Silver
17x9 5x114 6UL - Tungsten
17x10 5x114 6UL - Silver
17x10 5x114 6UL - Charcoal
1990-2005 NA & NB
Don't forget, we have all 15x8 and 15x9 in all colors IN STOCK!
Note: Nickel is DISCONTINUED, so when we are out of this color that's it.
15x8 4x100 6UL - Bronze
15x8 4x100 6UL - Charcoal
15x8 4x100 6UL - Silver
15x8 4x100 6UL - Tungsten
15x8 4x100 6UL - Nickel
15x9 4x100 6UL - Bronze
15x9 4x100 6UL - Charcoal
15x9 4x100 6UL - Silver
15x9 4x100 6UL - Tungsten
15x9 4x100 6UL - Nickel

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