Advice on value: rusty, bastardized '75 Targa junk show

10 months ago
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Hi all, I've kind of dropped off the Forum for the past year and a half but it's time to re-engage and get an idea of what this car and associated parts are worth. I have been slowly improving it since my purchase about 10 years ago, and can continue to plug away as storage and space for the vehicle isn't a problem and I have tools and the inclination. However, I am also contemplating
the purchase and restoration of a property abroad, which would then mean much less time near the car and it may be time to let her go and use what little funds I can get out of her for new adventures.
Here's the beta:
'75 targa with rare factory hard top
Motor is a 1971 2.2 with weber carbs mated to a 5 speed 901 transmission.
Paint is complete crap (car was a metallic brown is now white, with some panels including back deck and front fender non original)
Many parts including fiberglass ducktail, set of fuchs and some other odds and ends such as pressure fed tensioners and external oil cooler that have yet to be installed.
Car runs and drives OK, but engine does smoke on start up and on deceleration, which indicates the need for a valve job in the future.
Because this thread is useless without photos, here are a bunch of them. Thanks in advance to everyone who offers insights and comments, even Rawknees (don't worry, bro, I know it's a targa but I also have a vehicle with turbopowahh that is my daily driver).