BBS wheels with RA-1 tires

over 2 years ago
BBS wheels with RA-1 tires
car 311
Available on
Mumbai West, Silicon Valley Ca

I have a set of BBS wheels in both 7" & 8" x16" with a set of previously shaved and raced RA-1s in 245/45 rear tires and 225/50 fronts.
a ton of tread left on the fronts and the rears have enough that their best grip is yet to come.
polished lips and centers painted with hightemp paint
rear wheels have some curb scuffing as one of the fronts. they have always balanced fine with no wobble or vibration.
no center caps, best for an extra set of AX or track wheels.
local pick up only and i wont sell w/o tires at this point.
will not ship.
in so bay area ca.
$1200 or best reasonable off.
thanks for looking!