Blackbird Fabworx NC RZ roll bar, SCCA legal and soft top compatible!

8 months ago
Blackbird Fabworx NC RZ roll bar, SCCA legal and soft top compatible!
Available on
Canoga Park 91304

NC owners have spoken and we listened!
Blackbird Fabworx is very proud to introduce our new NC RZ roll bar - the first and only SCCA legal roll bar that is also compatible with the soft top
The RZ name stands for Road / Z-fold and it is our roll bar of choice for street driven cars and track day usage.
No longer will the owners need to choose between their soft top or their safety, you can now eat the cake and have it too - our new NC RZ roll bar is built to the highest specifications found in SCCA's PDX rules.
The bar is of course SCCA Solo legal as well.
Key features of the NC RZ roll bar
* Allows full use of the factory soft top which can be lowered from the driver's seat.
* SCCA Legal. Not kinda legal, not almost legal, not "hopefully you can sneak it by tech" legal. 100% SCCA LEGAL.
* Almost 4" taller than OEM hoop structure!
* DOM Steel construction with full X brace and a harness bar as standard.
* Allows the use of the factory hard top* and aftermarket racing shells, clears all latches (OEM RHT required minor modification to the liner).
* Factory seat travel and recline retained in full.
* The bar is not visible to the driver in the rear view mirror. Seriously!
* Allows all plastic trim panels and glove box to be reinstalled (with trimming).
* High grade hardware kit and a detailed installation manual are included.
* High quality powder coat finish included (60% gloss Black is standard), many custom colors available for just $80 additional fee.
* Optional center speaker bracket for Bose equipped cars for just $20 additional fee.
* Weight gain of well under 30 Lbs. in comparison with the OEM hoop structure it replaces!
Priced at $1195 (plus shipping) for the complete setup with the standard finish ($1275 as shown with the custom Chrome FX powder coat), but keep reading about our limited time introductory promotion -
***First batch special***
Special introductory price reduced to $1125 (plus tax / shipping) - $70 discount!
FREE custom powder coating with a large selection of colors - $80 discount!
Order the Blackbird Fabworx NC lexan spoiler at the same time and receive 25% off and FREE shipping on the spoiler - $100 discount!
That's a $150 discount on NC RZ roll bar orders or $250 combined discount if you buy it with the Spoiler!
Don't miss out on this limited time special deal, shoot me an email or call me at (818)339-3884 to place your order today

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