Built Engine, 6 speed, bits

about 2 years ago
Built Engine, 6 speed, bits
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So I'm tired of the old engine and tranny taking up space in the shop and I've made the MZR fit so I can sell this ****.
Trackspeed built engine, all the normal stuff (8.6:1 forged H beams, etc), ST heavy doubles and 949 damper on top. Its been run to 8500 rpms for a couple years in the auto-x car, has about 10 hours on it made not enough power to break 5 speed for most of its life. Valves were reshimmed 1 auto-x season ago, probably could go for at least being checked before installing it into the car for a street car. For a racecar I would probably do a head refresh before putting it back in, the intake valves and/or seats are probably a little tired. Oil pan has a -10 AN fitting on it and 1/8" npt. VVT oil line has -3AN fitting for turbo oil feed, I can swap that out to a normal one. Comes with the coolant reroute, because ****er that thing finally sealed, its not coming off. Water pump inlet flipped and welded
Bare block price is $2000 + shipping, thats what all the parts in the motor cost. It can come with a variety of things for extra.
Speedsport carbon on carbon clutch and aluminum flywheel $600
AWR 70 duro mounts $100
Geo tracker alternator already modded with wiring $60
VTCS manifold $50
Skunk2 TB $180
Also, the 6 speed tranny, lived like 80k miles in a 10AE street car that slowly became a street car in the last couple years, then did like half a season in the ssm car. $600

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