CA: 06 wrx, built 20k obo

almost 3 years ago
CA: 06 wrx, built 20k obo
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Well I think it's time to let my baby go. She's a fully built 06 wrx. Here's what she's got
-702 Series case halves cleaned and polished by Outfront Motorsport
-Torque Plate honed and Assembled by Crystal_Imprezav*
-Brand new Brian Crower I-beam rods (1000hp)
-Brand new Wiseco 99.5mm pistons/ skirt coated, PTW clearance .0035"
-Brand New STi heat treated crankshaft*
-Brand new King Rod bearings*
*.002 clearances
-Brand new King main bearings
*.0015-.0018 clearances
-Rotating assembly was all balanced for high rpm
-06 sti b25 heads
-Perrin gt 3076r .82 hotsided rotated kit with*(older style with the silicone intake pipe)
-tial 44mm ewg
-Boral headers
-id 1000cc injectors
-Omni 4 bar*
-FMIC (ebay brand for now
-3" catback (unknown brand)
-TGVs deleted
- HKS superflow short ram intake ontop of the perrin rotated silicone intake pipe
-Walbro 255lph fuel pump
-Dual catch cans
-PLX SM AFR wideband
-Boomba Fuel Rails
-Tomioka Type S FPR
-Air Pumps are deleted
-GM 3 port EBCS
-1 step colder spark plugs
-Throttle body coolant bypassed
-Narrow band, Oil Pressure, and Boost gauges
- transmission is a built PAR 5MT, 1st and 2nd straight cut, 3rd and fourth helical, and 5th stock. These gears were rated for 650 hp. The company does not manufacture them anymore unfortunately but they still have all the information on their site.
So if your read the list you'll see this car is ready to go, only thing it could use is a better FMIC kit. Engine only has about 100 miles on it right now but thats gonna keep growing. Frame has 120k on it. Transmission has about 10k on it but im gonna have all the synchros changed on it since i bought the gears used from another member about 2 years ago. I am gonna be retuning her for Cali gas since she just got shipped from Italy to here (just got done serving 3 years over in Italy with the air force).
Other downsides are that this car is not smog compliant. She's registered in FL but I'm stationed here in CA so I don't have to be compliant with CA since I'm registered out of state and I'm military. But if your gonna register her in CA you'll have to find a way to make her compliant for Smog.
Price is 20k or best offer. 20k is just the number that I'm dreaming of making, but I know it's high. I do have a minimum
number in mind that I will not go beneath but I'm not gonna list it, otherwise people would start offering bellow it. Now for some pics, I don't have any with the FMIC
on but next week when I go pick her up from the shippers I'll be able to take updated pics.
All the pics were taken in Italy. The ones with the blue rims are most current. The last pic is of the attention this thing gets...the paint is ultimate liner, done by some company in Texas that the guy I purchased it from worked for. Anyway people always stop and stare and ask to touch it...if your the type of person that doesn't like ur car being touched then u might not want this car...kus it's gonna get touched ALOT! Feel free to text at 8507761269 me or email me at
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