E36 Fanatics: The "Ultimate" Street/Track M332is (328is / S52 / widebody inside)

about 2 years ago
E36 Fanatics: The "Ultimate" Street/Track M332is (328is / S52 / widebody inside)
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Reposting with updated information and the current state of the car.
Price reduced to $12,000, eager to sell before winter!
After countless hours spent and dollars Im afraid to count, the time has come for me to try and let go part of my heart and soul for the past 9 years.
No expense was spared in building my "perfect" NA E36 -- pun intended for North American (no S50B32) and Naturally Aspirated -- EVERYTHING was done with the intent of keeping the car forever.
I grew up idolizing the E36 and had my heart set on one in high school.
I had a 94 325is for several years and then in 2007, an opportunity came knocking to purchase an unmolested, lady-driven 328is with less than 160,000km on it and it quickly spiraled into one of my biggest (certainly the longest) projects of my life.
The goal was to make a hybrid AutoX / track-worthy E36 that would be an enjoyable drive on the way there.
It had to work as a DD and look great when parked too.
I ended up spending more $$$ than buying an E36 M3 outright, but that wasnt the point because none of them would look or run like this one.
I am an engineer OCD with making things run in tip-top, better than stock shape.
Almost every bushing, sensor, and mechanical part that matters has been replaced, refreshed and/or restored with OEM or better.
Where others would cheap out with Meyle HD parts, I used OE Lemforder and upgraded to poly wherever it only added reasonable NVH.
It didn't help that I had an affinity for rare, priceless parts!
The result is an E36 that is more solid and drives better than a new M3 ever did, and looks the part.
I have spent lots of time with other cars -- S54 M Roadster, Z4 M Coupe, E46 M3, E39 M5, just to name some BMWs -- nothing else (except maybe the S2000) provides the confidence-inspiring, visceral connection to the road that this car does.
That I am in control feeling where you can instinctively point the car between 2 pylons, and your limbs coordinate every shift perfectly like its second-nature.
Sadly my life has only gotten more busy (married and hopefully a growing family) and I no longer have the time to finish the project.
The car has sat in the shop and garage more than on the road -- in my almost 9+ years of ownership I have gotten less than 15,000km of enjoyment out of it
That is not a typo.
It has only been driven around the city with love and care -- no drag racing or clutch drops, always parked in the far corner, every shift rev-matched, steering not fully locked.
Only recently was it taken to a couple beginner's track days at Shannonville and Mosport DDT.
However, it is fully driveable and mechanically in amazing shape, I just never got around to finishing the tweaking and amenities (audio, trim bits here and there etc.).
Accompanying the car will be boxes of uninstalled parts Ive collected over the years.
I also have detailed records of everything Ive purchased and done to the car and when
I try to avoid scrolling down to the sum of the Cost column.
The Vitals
1996 BMW 328is, clean title
10/95 build, rare oddball OBD2 with no ASC, no coding plug cluster
Originally Schwartz II (Jet Black) on Black interior
Runs healthy and e-tested
5-speed manual, Sport Package
~175,000km on chassis
~178,000km on engine
~85,000km on tranny
Everything below was new during my ownership (
GO stuff (* = partially or not installed)
S52B32 (163000km)
ZF 5-speed (70000km)
3.23 LSD swap (163000km)
OEM metal impeller waterpump
Fan Delete done right (aluminum thermostat housing, 80C thermostat, 80/88C fan switch, cap nut, Redline Water Wetter, etc.)
Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
UUC E34 M5 performance organic clutch
UUC Stage 2 (8.5lb) lightweight flywheel
UUC Transmission Mount Enforcers (black bushings with cups) and delrin carrier bushings
UUC stainless steel clutch line, CDV delete
UUC EVO3 SSK with effort-reducing kit (ERK) and weighted selector rod
Cosmos Racing 3.5 cold-air intake (CAI) with 3.0 reducer
Remus catback muffler with 83mm carbon fibre tips
Custom S52 tune based on Shark Injector (7400rpm rev limiter, Vmax delete, optimized timing and fuel maps, SAP delete)
Chassis/Suspension/Brakes (* = partially or not installed)
OEM M3 front subframe, knuckles swap (163000km)
OEM M3 rear subframe, wishbones, control arms swap (163000km, sandblasted and repainted)
OEM M3 rear subframe reinforcements, welded in with new hardware and bolts
Custom rear swaybar reinforcement gussets, welded on subframe then sandblasted and repainted
OEM M3 X-brace
OEM 96+ M3 Lemforder control arms with matching LCABs
OEM 96+ M3 front spindles
Powerflex purple (street) rear subframe bushings
OEM M3 brakes (163000km), rebuilt and powdercoated calipers
Zimmerman rotors and Axxis Ultimate brake pads
ATE blue DOT4 brake fluid
Goodridge stainless steel-braided brake lines*
Bilstein PSS9 with custom 60mm linear spring conversion
Hypercoil springs (6 600lb front, 5.5 700lb rear)
Vorshlag camber / caster plates
Ground Control rear strut mounts
OEM BMW front camber bolts, adjusted to correct scrub radius with wide / low-offset wheels
OEM non-M sport package (25.5mm) front sway mounted to struts
Rear sway bar delete
Custom alignment (-3.2F / -2.2R camber, 0F / 0.10R toe)
Exterior (* = partially or not installed)
Stripped and painted Interlagos Blue (A30)
All window and sunroof rubber seals / gaskets replaced with new OEM parts
Widebody: E46 fender flares grafted onto rear quarters, clearanced for 275 tires and low-offset wheels, seam-welded stronger than original chassis
Custom carbon fibre hood (with OEM vents and nozzles)
Carbon fibre BMW emblems
Hamann STW front bumper with fogs, brake ducts* and splitters painted flat black
OEM side mouldings with Motorsport emblems
OEM M3 sport (twisty) side skirts, used
Hamann STW rear bumper with carbon fibre rear diffuser
Hamann STW rear wing (their version of the LTW)
OEM '95 kidneys with Hamann shadow grills
OEM E46 rectangular jack pads
Interior (* = partially or not installed)
OEM 96+ M3 black vader seats (manual, heated but not yet retrofitted)
OEM 96+ M3 black rear seats with rear headrest retrofit
OEM '95 M3 lux black door panels (perforated leather inserts!)
OEM '95 M3 lux chrome door pulls*
OEM 96+ M3 black leather door handles
OEM M3 black headliner and sunroof shuttle
OEM M3 black pillars*
OEM kickpanels with Hamann dead pedal*
UUC clutch arm bushings*
OEM 18-button OBC retrofit*
OEM ZHP 5-speed shift knob
Chrome shift surround (ala M Roadster/Coupe)*
Rear deck speakers delete
Other Random Maintenance (* = partially or not installed)
Amsoil 5W40 (AFL or EFM) in engine
Amsoil ATF in transmission
Amsoil SVG 75W90 in diff
Used VANOS unit (64000km), rebuilt with new Beisan seals, gaskets, oil line washers
OBD2 M3 midpipe, catalytic converters, and O2 sensors (20000km)
OEM M3 Lemforder tie rods
OEM rear diff bushing and bolt
OEM rear inner control arm bushings (both upper and lower)
OEM ABS sensors
OEM flex disc / guibo, nuts and bolts
OEM valve cover gasket
OEM windshield nozzle jet
OEM exhaust manifold O2 sensor
OEM steering U-joint and power steering reservoir
OEM camshaft sensor
OEM updated E46 crankshaft sensor with adapter harness
OEM final stage unit
OEM trunk lock actuator
OEM cabin air filter*
OEM rear camber adjustment eccentric bolts*
The Known Issues
UNFINISHED: interior is semi-stripped and only the essentials have been replaced.
Component speakers havent been spliced in, non-essential pieces and trims may be in a box and not on the car (e.g., pillars, plastic covers here and there, trunk lining, etc.)
ABS light: This is a known issue with using an OBD2 cluster on an older car.
I have the 1-page BMW bulletin that details the 1 wire that needs to be spliced behind the cluster to fix this.
Cluster mileage: I made the dumb mistake of selling the original cluster with matching mileage to the chassis.
Fortunately any cluster can be synced up (not down) using the chassis mileage stored in the DME.
SRS light: Drivers seat belt tensioner needs to be replaced.
Left kidney not flush: the bodyshop broke a clip or two when they were installing my brand new kidneys.
Side molding slight gap: again, a broken clip or two.
Rear camber adjustment tight / seized: thats what the new eccentric bolts are for.
Steering wheel slip ring squeaking: I can include a 3-spoke sport steering wheel and slip ring.
DIRTY: the car never made it to the final detailing stage
What else could you want with an E36?
I probably missed some things too.
All this on 328is insurance
Did I mention it can get 600km+ on a tank?
If youve made it this far you can appreciate how difficult it is to put a price on something like this.
I have reduced the price to $12,000 as I am eager to clear some space.
Sure, maybe you can find an M3 for less...
But with what mileage and history?
Will it have a custom widebody and a nice paint job?
Rusty chassis?
Worn suspension and bushings?
Any rare upgrades and mods like this one?
Serious inquiries only, no test drives without a deposit, lowballers will be ignored.
Please do not waste your time or mine, if I had any Id rather work on the car
I am not desperate to sell but I am eager to find another caring owner who will be able to finish the car and enjoy it.
I have taken many of the extra parts out of this listing and will be entertaining partout requests separately.

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