1975-77 930 short bell housing upside down race gear box

11 months ago
F/S 1975-77  930 short bell housing upside down race gear box
21blackjack JR
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Los Angeles AREA

This was modified to be an upside down gear box for an IMSA 934. Dick Elverud up in Oregon did two of these gear boxes for a friend that owned a 934 that I ended up buying after we raced it at Sebring 12 hrs twice and 24 hr Daytona and a number of other IMSA and SCCA races so they were proven pieces. This is one of the two boxes. This box has a very rare and expensive factory center section that is set up for an internal oil pump and external tranny cooler. It no longer has the internal pump housing and gears but can very easily be installed. It has had some repair on the main bell housing as a ring gear did some damage when a flywheel came loose. It has a 9:38 R&P and an open diff in it at this time (Ti spool removed). This box has a main shaft from a long box that was shortened by Cal Motorsports. All nice internals with nice engagement teeth on all gears. Ratios are : FAI, NU, SP, WK. Missing lever arm for clutch cable. I can tell you from experience that moving your engine forward toward the center of the car makes a very noticeable handling difference compared to a long bellhousing box car.
Price $ 10,000.00 OBO Alain - Technical questions email my dad

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