FatCat Motorsports coilovers - Lightly Used

10 months ago
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Redondo beach

Located in Redondo Beach 90277
FCM custom coilover setup for 1995 Miata - used less than 5000 miles - $1800
Paid $2300 new. Perfect working condition. Springs and valving were set for a middle of the road split between comfort and performance. The requested output was, "Better than stock everywhere".
Directly from FCM:
FCM Elite 2040 "GT" setup with 500 lb/in, 7" front springs and 400 lb/in, 7" rear springs. Ride frequencies would be about 1.9 / 2.0 Hz front and rear to give a slight Flat Ride bias. A great balance of comfort and precision.
Ride heights would be about 12/12.25" front and rear, made easier to handle with 36mm red (soft) bump stops front and rear.
"If there's too much oversteer we can bias alignment a bit toward rear negative camber after your initial installation impressions, or you can remove the rear bar, or add shim with packers up front to increase roll stiffness up front."
On track at ACS with FCM: