Flyin Miata Voodoo Box

about 3 years ago
Flyin Miata Voodoo Box
Available on
West MI

Includes voodoo box and installation/tuning instructions. Bought it 3 months ago and have used it for 300 miles. Perfect condition with plenty of length on the wires.
price: $300 with free shipping to continental US.
add my FM adjustable timing wheel (1999+) for another $10
"The Voodoo Box - a Flyin' Miata exclusive - is an easy way to provide extra fuel for forced induction without any effort. How it works is simple. The on-board MAP sensor measures the pressure in the intake manifold. If more fuel is needed, the Voodoo Box intercepts the signals going from the stock ECU to the injectors and lengthens it.
It also intercepts the signal from the oxygen sensor so that your stock ECU will not compensate from the extra fuel being delivered. Otherwise, you could be running lean under boost at part throttle. Not only does this cause hesitation and odd behaviour, but it's not safe for your engine! This feature is not included on other similar devices, and is equivalent to our O2 signal modifier.
Installation is simple with a total of 7 wires involved. Various LEDs will help you identify any errors if there's a problem. No extra fuel pumps are needed. Preprogrammed for turbocharged or supercharged use. If you are building a custom setup, there is some adjustibility included. You can adjust the fuel onset as well as the onset of the O2 modification using nothing more complex than a screwdriver. We do recommend using a wideband sensor for tuning.
Used in our Voodoo turbo kits.
The Voodoo Box will not affect OBD-II readings. Air/fuel meters that use the stock O2 sensor will show a lean condition when the O2 clamp kicks in."

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