100 liter tank built by Ewing Kustoms

10 months ago
Available on
Burlingame , CA

100 liter tank
Conversion performed by a well known craftsman who's workmanship is often admired here on Pelican.
This was built using the original tank in my 72 911.
Tank was also professionally cleaned and sealed. Not sealed with an Eastwood or other over the counter kit but by a shop that specializes in such work so the process was performed properly.
I had it made with a center top fill so it is easy to fill from either side of the car but the hood needs to be up to gain access.
I am sure if someone wanted to have access to the filler cap through the hood the filler neck could be extended.
I built this for my street 935 but have now decided to just leave the original 935 fuel box in the car and change out the dry brakes.
Little dusty in the photo
$2,750.00 buyer pays shipping and any fees.

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