4 fuchs - flat sixes in new RSR finish

3 months ago
FS 4 fuchs - flat sixes in new RSR finish
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Baltimore, Md

I am selling four unique sets of unique wheels this week that I bought here on Pelican in hopes of future projects. Kids school tuition is upon me and some things have to go. This is the fourth set. 4 flat 15 x 16 fuchs, newly refinished in RSR by Rick Hartbrodt. If there is any marks in the photos it is only from styrofoam dust from shipping, the finish is perfect and beautiful.
I have a fifth wheel but planning on keeping it for my RSR build spare tire. If you have to have it, lets talk.
its refinished the same with a blemish on the lip and the serial number has been rubbed off.
$2000 plus shipping for the 4.

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