'86 Parts car

11 months ago
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Raleigh, NC, USA

This is an '86.5 928 auto trans. It has a crappy S4 body kit on it, but this is an S3 car. Engine and trans were fine prior to me plundering for a throttle body (I have a replacement throttle body to go with the car).
Lots of good parts here. Engine needed the usual intake re-seal and vacuum line work, but started right up and ran well. Trans was low on fluid but otherwise shifted/ran fine. I used the ECU boxes, HVAC head unit, and HVAC blower motor as 'test mules' on my other car, all worked perfectly.
Missing: 86.5 brake/suspension parts (86.0 parts have been swapped in so that the car rolls). Radiator.
For parts only, bill of sale only. Haven't seen the title in 5 years, so if you wanted to restore this thing, you'd need to apply for a title. I will provide a bill of sale if you wish.
$450/offers, and I'm willing to negotiate semi-local delivery.