9"/11" X 17" DP Motorsports Enduro Wheels

9 months ago
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Wilsonville OR

Fronts are 17x9, tires (235s) have tread but are old and could be replaced. Not sure on offset.
Rears are 17x11, tires (275s) are new Raptor brand. Someone wrote et48 on the inside, so that's my best guess.
The last picture is with an old 335 that came on them when I bought them.
I'm not sure if they are 2 or 3 piece, but they are multi piece.
I had them on my 77 turbo-look 911 with spacers for quite some time. I also test fit them on my early 944 (shown) and drove around the neighborhood with no issue - I don't recall what spacers if any were used.
They are not in perfect condition as far as marking goes, but they could be cleaned up easily I'm sure. No curbing. The clear is just well aged on a few areas on the lips.
Looking for $800+ shipping

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