Metal prints for garages/man-caves

11 months ago
FS: Metal prints for garages/man-caves
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Raleigh, NC, USA

I am offering custom prints of your photos on metal sheets that could be:
1. Wall hangings for your man cave or garage
2. Toolbox 'lid liners' (my favorite application - check out photos below from my workshop)
Show-car presentation/biography 'poster' for concours events
4. Decorative panels for Yeti coolers (silicone these to the front panels and show them off at track events, etc)
I am printing directly on the aluminum, which allows for a far more vivid, sharp, and accurate print than the dye-sub stuff you see at Etsy or flea markets/fairs. This also allows for offering custom sizing.
Pricing depends on size, so each job is quoted individually. Here are a few pricing examples, however:
10.5" x 26" - $110 (size of the smaller toolbox lid in the photos)
14" x 26" - $119 (size of the larger toolbox lid in the photos)
20" x 30" - $151
30" x 40" - $232
(max size)
If you want a toolbox lid liner, we will ship your print backed with strips of heavy-duty double-sided tape. For Yeti cooler panels, you will need to use your own silicone adhesive to mount the panels. Otherwise, we will mount a basic offset mounting on the back for wall hanging.
PM me if interested - first 10 buyers get 15% off quoted prices, to generate some word of mouth.

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