Gorgeous RSTI for sale, serious buyers only

over 3 years ago
Gorgeous RSTI for sale, serious buyers only
Mr. Simplisto
Available on
Brown box under the over pass

With a heavy heart I have to sell my car. My apartment went on fire yesterday in the tenant upstairs' apartment. My wife, three small kids and myself lived on the ground floor and apparently it was an illegal apartment house. No one was hurt, but now my landlord says we have 30-60 days to move. I have to sell my car in order to help get the down payment for a house together. My wife and I love the car, so this is very hard on us both. We are asking for 30k for the car. It is extremely well maintained, super clean, and has new rims from the photos below. I will take pictures of the interior when I get home. It has been featured in Drive Performance magazine. If any of you have been to Wicked Big Meet you've probably seen it there too.
I will post a list of complete mod's when I have a minute. Given that this whole process is hard enough, please no back and forth of if the car looks good or not, this isn't an opinion thread, its a serious buyers thread.
Thanks in advance.
 photo jons car 14_zpsc0v4eobq.jpg
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