Lowest Cost Flow Formed Wheels EVER....HELIX 15x8 & 15x9 & FREE SHIPPING!

11 months ago
Available on
San Diego, CA

Never figured we would see Flow Formed wheels come down to this price point!
Get STRENGTH and LOW WEIGHT at a price that was Enkei territory just three years ago when Konig first licensed the technology from Enkei.
Click the links to see the deal...WITH FREE SHIPPING!
This deal is WHILE SUPPLY LASTS....and given this is the busy season for wheels and we are already sold out of most our 15x8 choices today, expect these go fast!
Got some in stock today, main shipment arrives Tuesday, we have a few on shelf to ship for orders placed early today.
15x8 Silver
15x8 Red
15x8 Black
15x9 Silver
15x9 Red
15x9 Black

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