MA: 2000 RS SRP coupe project with EJ20R (twin turbo) $5500 OBO

about 1 year ago
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It's a tough decision, but I'm looking to sell my project car. Asking $5500 OBO.
The car is a SRP 2000 RS 5spd coupe with about 105k miles. I purchased the car in 2004 with 60k miles. In 2008 with about 105k miles a connecting rod broke and punched through the block. The car sat for about a year until I purchased the front clip of a 98 Legacy GT Spec-B with the EJ20R twin turbo motor off of ebay, I believe the donor had 80k miles. The clip came with the complete drivetrain. I pulled all the usable parts off the front clip and pulled all of the old parts out of the RS. I started swapping in the motor and transmission but never finished getting them bolted into place. Life started to get busy and I worked on the project less and less, now there's been no work done to the car in a few years.
After the motor went, the car was parked outside for a while, but once the motor was pulled and the swap started I moved it into the garage. Last fall I moved the car out of the garage and into a portable garage to keep it covered. Right now the car is back in the garage temporarily and I would prefer selling it before I have to move it again. There are no wheels on the car currently, it's sitting on car dollies. I have the original rims, but they no longer fit the brakes I put on the front. The car will definitely have to be trailered and it might take some work to get the car on anything but a flatbed.
The sale of the car will include all the parts I have around from the donor car as well as any parts already on the car. There might be some extra odds and ends thrown in as I'm working on cleaning out the parts shed and getting rid of the extra Subaru parts I have around.
The goal of the project was to keep the motor twin turbo and keep it left hand drive. The wiring harness needs extending and there might be some exhaust and steering column modifications needed.
Before dropping the donor motor in I replaced the stock clutch and flywheel. I forget what brand flywheel (might be ACT) but the clutch I'm pretty sure was an ACT Stage 2. The car has KYB AGX struts with STI pink lowering springs already. I put a Wilwood big brake kit on the front (I think they are 6 piston) and that's why the stock rims don't fit anymore. Over the years I did other work to the car including a Pioneer radio with XM, grounding kit, STI v5(if I recall correctly) rear spoiler. I'm sure there are other parts still on the car, it's just been so long I'm having a tough time remembering.
The interior is in rough shape since it's been sitting and has a bunch of parts inside. I can throw in a spare set of front seats just in case as this will help me free up space as well.
The exterior is dirty due to being outside after the motor went and then sitting in the garage for a while. Body is in decent shape, no major damage before the car was parked. Might have some minor dings and scrapes, nothing major. The SRP is one of my favorite colors, it will look like a completely different car once washed a bit.
Let me know if you have any questions or are interested. I'll be sad to see the car go, but I'd rather see someone drive it again then for it to sit any longer.
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