MA: 2005 Saab 9-2X Linear (Saabaru) Needs engine - Best offer

6 months ago
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Cambridge, MA

2005 Saab 92x Linear (na)
99k miles
Price: Best offer
The bad:
- Needs a new engine... 3 days ago, accessory pulley fell off when my wife was driving on the highway. The pulley dug through the timing belt cover and lodged itself between a pulley and the belt, causing the timing belt to skip/seize at 70mph, so the engine is essentially toast.
- It's 13 years old, so the body is a little dinged up and scratched, but not really all that bad, considering.
- Interior cloth is a bit stained, these cars are notorious for it.
The good:
- New brakes all around (5 mo old?)
- New full exhaust system (6 mo old?)
Bring a trailer!
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