MaxG Dual Flow Coolant Reroute Kit NOW AVAILABLE!

about 1 month ago
Available on
Spring Branch

Howdy from all of us here at MaxG Motorsports!
We're pleased to announce the availability of our Dual Flow Coolant Reroute Kit.
The MaxG Dual Flow Reroute Cooling System meters the water flow between the front and rear of the engine. This improves both overall engine cooling and reduces the temperature difference between the front and rear (cylinders 1 through 4) of the engine.
In addition to more uniform cooling, the Dual Flow system uses a remote thermostat housing for the rear thermostat; installation and maintenance are greatly simplified by this feature.
The stock front thermostat and housing are retained, which also simplifies installation over other rear-only reroutes. Rear-only reroutes require removing and blocking off the front thermostat.
Features and Benefits
Improves overall engine cooling
Reduces the temperature differential between the front and rear of the engine when compared to present rear-only reroute products
Easier to install and maintain than most rear-only reroutes
Uses the stock heater hose
no trimming required
Uses the stock temperature sensor and wiring harness
no wire splices needed
Retains the stock EGR plumbing
no modifications required
For more photos and details, click here or feel free to contact us with any questions at or (830) 438-2890.

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