MI: 2003 Subaru Legacy L Special Edition, JDM EJ20, Auto Trans, GREAT DAILY

7 months ago
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South East Michigan

I have for sale my 2003 Subaru Legacy L SE. The SE (Special Edition) added some wood patterned trim to the dash, foglights, moonroof, leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter. This is a non-turbo car and it has the 4 speed automatic trans
The car has 188,716 miles on the odometer. I replaced the engine, when I bought the car back around September 2016 (177,000 Miles), with a JDM EJ20 longblock that had around 60,000 miles. It is still a Single OverHead Cam motor just like the original EJ251. For the motor to work in this car, I had to use the Cam/Crank gears and the Cam/Crank Sensors off the EJ251. I also used the original motors complete intake manifold to retain the original wiring and the rest of the original sensors since the stock USDM ECU is running everything. It runs great with pretty much no issues.
The car does have a CEL for a misfire on each cylinder, running rich, and a crank sensor code. I replaced the crank sensor and reset the ECU with no change. The misfire only happens after the vehicle has been fully warmed up and driven for 15mins+. It will have a little studder when leaving from a stop. Not like it wants to die out, just some power loss for a second, then it goes right back to accelerating like it should and no misfiring. I haven't been able to figure out the issue yet but it hasn't caused any reliability issues over the 1.5 years I have been driving it as my daily/secondary car. New potential issues that have come up over the past few months are a slight coolant smell when sitting still with the heat on (I think the radiator is starting to seep where the plastic endtank meets the core, it is the original radiator), and it is using/losing some oil. The oil pan is dented inwards a bit at the drain plug and the pan is not clean so I think it is leaking from the oil pan seal.
As for the body, the underbody is actually really clean. The only rust is in the rear lower door jambs and small areas of the rear fenders/quarters. The spots in the quarters could still be cleaned up and stopped. Unfortunately the driver side rear door jamb rust spot has gone all the way through and the other side is probably not far from doing the same. There is a dent in the Drivers front fender, the bumpers show their age with chips and some paint chips. The trunk has a dent in it with paint loss and surface rust. Where the wing meets the car on the passenger side, the paint is bubbling up.
New additions on the car would be some new winter tires and an aftermarket radio. The tires were brand new this season (~3000 Miles on them now). They are General Altimax Arctic in 205/60R16 size (little larger side profile than stock). The radio is a Kenwood Single Din unit. It has built in Bluetooth capability, USB and AUX inputs, lots of settings/features/controls, all while looking nice. Sounds as good as the stock speakers can do.
The Pros:
JDM EJ20 Engine (~71k Miles)
Winter Tires (New this season, ~3000 mIles on them)
Aftermarket Radio (Kenwood)
Everything Electrical Works (Windows, Locks, Moonroof, Mirrors, Defrost, Lights, HVAC, etc)
The Cons:
Some Rust (Some Surface, some just under paint, one spot all the way through)
Slight Coolant Smell
Acceleration Studder
General Small Fluid Leaks (Comes with Age)
This has been a great winter daily and secondary car for me and I believe it can do it well for the next owner. I work at Sellers Subaru so if you want to see the car up on a lift and check out everything, send me a PM and we can set something up. I can help with a little discount if you decide to buy the car and want to get some of the current issues diagnosed or fixed. No promises on discount level as I don't decide that.
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