one man's junk is another's treasure

over 1 year ago
one man's junk is another's treasure
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Mumbai West, Silicon Valley Ca

removed from a 3.ol in a 75S.
all prices include COUS ground shipping.
thanks for looking & offers are welcome
nice set of beru OE style plug wires. previous owner's receipts state they are less than a two years old,
set of case through bolts, nuts and washers.
working when removed from a 75S equipped 3.ol car I purchases nov 16
CIS rear mount fuel pump.
did not even clean it up, mounting included.
coil that I believe is an OE type coil.
couple of fresh charcoal canisters.
$50 ea.
CDI rear inner fender mounting console & fuse block nice
CDI cover very nice $70
a few oil return tubes.
a few collapsible, a few solid.
I have a better picture if there is any interest in an offer.