TDR announces ultimate performance Tune for Naturally Aspirated NC

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TDR announces ultimate performance Tune for Naturally Aspirated NC
Baba Ganoush
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With so many aftermarket options for the naturally aspirated MX5 anyone can go crazy trying to figure out what combination to use and how to spent their money wisely.
For a while we at TDR have notice that despite the many fine products on the market for the MX5, there has been a lack of bringing it all together to optimize performance; for example, you could get nice set of headers or a CAI but miss out on their full potential because the tune was lacking, or you could get a tune but it may not have been specifically calibrated for the specific headers or CAI.
Not any more!
After a considerable time in R&D TDR has come up with the perfect solution to ensure that you get the most power out of your setup.
We have developed 3 specific calibrations for those with existing hardware.
And 2 packages (tune and hardware,) for those just getting started; now you can have the certainty that no mater which set up you have, it will all work in complete synergy to provide you with the ultimate performance for your MX5.
In TDR fashion, we have improved on the design of the CAI
and spend days on our dyno and on the street perfecting all our calibrations; more on that later.
On this tread you will find the specifics, and at the end there will be a brief summary to help you decide what you need, but first
The data:
Test car : TDR’s Silverone 2012 completely stock test mule. 7k miles
Tuning: All our tuning will be done using only the best available tuning tools in the market: ecuteK remote tuning.
Dyno: Eddy-current Mustang Dyno
Note: As it is well known Resistance dynos shuch as ours always show lower numbers than a Dynojet which has no resistance.
For and un-bias comparison always measure the percentage of increase in power rather than the number of Hp and torque gained.
Note 2: keep in mind that as we have repeated often, Dyno numbers do not tell the complete story of how the car drives, and that is the other area where TDR has no equal.
Base line numbers on our completely stock MX5
Torque 115.72
TDR Tune only.
(base 130.97)...
9.22% increase
...(base 115.72)...
a 4.56% increase
Note: This is perhaps the best available tune for your NA MX5.
We have incorporated our vast experience in tuning this engine for FI and used to add timing in key areas where you will absolutely notice.
Be ready to smile in your day to day driving or at the track.
This car has been transformed in to an eager, light and more powerful roadster. This are the things the dyno can not show
Note on tune: we have 3 versions of this tune.
TDRNA = for the unmodified car as showen above
TDR-MSCAI = for cars with the MS other similar CAI
TDR Dominator = for our very own 70mm CAI
Note on the CAI: They all showed very similar numbers than with our tune alone set up,
however throttle response was marginally better with the MS CAI design version, but very noticeable on our very own 90mm design, more on that later.
TDR Dominator Package.
TDR Dominator CAI + Tune + headers RB or GW SP max
(base 130.97)...
14.67% Increase
...(base 115.72)...
9% Increase
Comments. Coming from my turbo beast I'm not easily impress. Bu t I most admit that this set up has completely changed the way I feel about NA MX5's
This package in simply unbelievable.
It completely transformed Silverone from a car that was seldom driven to a car that now has witness 1 argument and 2 coin tosses between my wife and I over who was going to drive it.
Seriously from the new found growl of the header, to the deeper note caused by the advanced timing, to the snap your neck throttle response this is perhaps the best this car can be.
Here is the graph of all of them, notice the gains are all over
Blue = Stock
Green = TDR Tune only
= TDR Dominator package
Details on TDR's Dominator CAI.
As it is already known, we at TDR are always on the hunt for better performance, so it was time we tackle the CAI. having gain tons of experience with our TRD1 turbo development we learn that when it comes to tubes most of the time larger is better, so we applied this to the CAI increasing its diameter from 2.5' to 2.75' even though this did not yield more HP (we did not expect it) it did yield a marked improvement of the throttle response an a very pleasant increment in the sound coming from the front, when compared to the MS design.
In our customary top quality rendition the TDRD will be offered in polished aluminum tubing with a K&N filter or for and additional fee in brilliant black as show
Warning: This CAI is designed to be used only with our TDR calibration, otherwise your car will be lean!

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