Too Much Is Never Enough

9 months ago
Too Much Is Never Enough
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Hudson Valley, New York

Some of you who like me who are from the MTV Generation will remember the likes of Billy Idol saying this. It was the first thing that popped in my head when I went to buy a couple of cars this week. I made the deal on the 2 cars and then guy asked if I wanted some motors, 14 in total. Never one to say no I agreed. The problem was I had a single car trailer, so how do I get it all home? We got creative and it was a scary ride home, through a lake effect snow storm by the Great lakes, I hate this corridor any time after Thanksgiving.
What we ended up doing was filling the bed of the truck with engines. That left us a bunch, which we front loaded on the trailer. We then took the back off the trailer after loading the car, with the front hanging off the trailer. But that left us with 3 engines, what to do?
We took the gate from the trailer and put a 2nd tier on the trailer, it worked! We made it home, it wasn't a fun ride, but all arrived safe.
Too Much Is Never Enough indeed!