Transmission, differential and oil coolers for the ND

7 days ago
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Flyin' Miata

The Flyin' Miata fluid coolers for the ND are finally here. Take care of your transmission, your differential and your engine oil. These are the same setups we tested as part of our [rul=]15 hour test at Laguna Seca[/url] last October. We monitored transmission and differential temps through the entire time, and saw temperatures that were nearly 100F cooler than we'd logged in baseline testing.
Why do you care? Because hot drivetrain parts cost power and are more prone to failure, and hot fluid doesn't lubricate as well so you'll see accelerated wear even if the trans doesn't blow up. There's a reason that (more complex, more expensive) coolers are required for Global Cup Cars.
All of the heat exchangers are mounted in a high airflow location but minimize airflow disturbance to others. The differential cooler is tucked away by the rear axle with an inlet duct. The transmission and differential coolers are fed by temperature-controlled pumps that ensure quick warmup and only as much electrical draw as you need. The oil cooler is also thermostatically regulated. No modifications are required to either the differential or differential housing.
Available individually or as part of our new Totally Cool package that bundles as many coolers as you could possibly want. Prices are $549 for the oil cooler, $899 for the transmission cooler and $999 for the differential cooler. The Totally Cool package starts at $1849.
We expect to be able to ship the first production parts in mid-April.
FM complete differential cooler kit
FM complete transmission cooler kit
FM complete oil cooler kit
The Totally Cool package