WV: 2014 WRX Hatchback, Crystal Black Silica, Extended Warranty, Stock Engine

almost 3 years ago
WV: 2014 WRX Hatchback, Crystal Black Silica, Extended Warranty, Stock Engine
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Moorefield, WV

Im selling my 2014 Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback in crystal black silica. Its a wonderful car that I love dearly, but it seems to be, maybe, a little cursed.
I purchased the car new in December 2013 from Thomas Subaru in Cumberland, MD. Since then there have been no mechanical problems with the car. This car runs like a top. Oil has been changed well within the 7500 mile recommendations in the manual, typically done every 3000-4000 miles. 30,000 mile service was done at Thomas Subaru and other maintenance, sans 1 oil change, was done by me. The 1 oil change was done by the local tire shop while it was getting winter tires put on. I have all receipts and service logs. Always used Subaru OEM blue filters and crush rings with Valvoline SYN Power 5w-30, because warranty. Car currently has 41,xxx miles on it. Newish tires, have roughly 6,000 miles on them. Miles will slowly increase over time as I have a short commute each day. Previous job required me to do a great deal of travel, thats why mileage is relatively high, but all maintenance has been kept up. Car has never been tracked. Engine is totally stock, only mod is an SPT Catback that was installed on the car from the dealer.
Is the car cursed? Maybe. I dont know. It seems to have an affinity for being damaged by nature and other drivers. The front bumper cover cracked and was replaced after a rather large groundhog overestimated the speed at which he could cross the road. The original bumper cover comes with the car in the event you want to use it as a winter/autocross bumper. The car was backed into and the passengers side front fender was replaced. The paint began falling off the car in several places on the hood, which was repainted under warranty by Subaru. Not content with just replacing the front bumper, someone backed into the car and the rear bumper cover is being replaced. (Car goes into body shop on January 4th, should be done on January 7th. Car was backed into on November 10th.) Apparently black Subarus are very difficult to see when parkedwith the lights onat night. The groundhog incident and the rear bumper replacement due to someone using the braille method of parking were reported to insurance, the others were not. I have all documentation related to any bodywork done to this car.
Maybe the car is cursed, maybe its not. If were looking at it in an optimistic manner then maybe it is statistically less likely to have any more accidents! Realistically, I purchased this car before I started graduate school and I dont have time to do anything with the car between 2 jobs and grad school. I cant justify paying for a car that I dont have time to enjoy. I have a much less fun car through my work and could use the proceeds from this sale towards buying a house that isnt located in an area where people park in my yard and freely steal potted plants off my porch.
SPT Exhaust(Dealer installed)
Red foot well Illumination kit(Dealer installed)
Rally Armor UR Mudflaps (Black with red font)
Hella Horns w/ Subimods harness+bracket
35% Window Tint (Viper tint done by Car Tunes in Morgantown, WV)
Pioneer AVH-4100nex
Installed with custom harness and adapters to retain all factory ports and controls. This head unit supports Android Auto and Apple Car Play.
Subaru JDM 7 Dash Surround Bezel (To give head unit a more factory look)
Cobb Shift Knob
Subaru OEM Fog light Kit /w matching surrounds
Weathertech Digital cut floor mats in front and rear as well as hatch mat.
Other stuff that can come with the car if you want it:
All OEM parts that came off or out of the car.
Cracked front bumper cover
Dr. Colorchip Crystal Black Silica paint chip repair kit (Probably
Subaru Blue OEM Oil Filters + Crush rings (However many I have left. There are 4 or so now.)
Ebay V-Style Lip - never installed (The plan was to drift stitch the crack in the older bumper and further strengthen the zip ties with the lip if using it as a winter bumper.)
The car also comes with the Subaru Gold Extended Warranty, which extends the regular warranty to 5 years/100,000 miles.
Im not in any hurry to sell the car, but someone might want to buy it before someone runs into it and it needs another bumper or fender replaced.
Asking $22,500 OBO. Car has a lien on it through Citizens Bank, if you want to buy it we will figure out the logistics.
Here are just a few pictures, I will take more once the rear bumper is replaced and I've cleaned the interior.
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