***1991 C2 CAB TIP Horizon Blue/Cobalt Blue

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***1991 C2 CAB TIP Horizon Blue/Cobalt Blue
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Year: 1991
Make: Porsche
Model: 911
Porsche Model: 964 C2
Mileage (numbers only please): 93200
Options (Please check ALL which apply): Airbags, Air Conditioning, Alarm System, Antilock Brakes, Cruise Control, Foglamps, Intermittent Wipers, Leather Seats, Power Brakes, Power Door Locks, Power Steering, Power Windows, Traction Control
Color: Horizon Blue Metalic
Price (no $ sign please): $18000
Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing
Location (Region): SoCAl
Body Style: Cabriolet
Transmission Type: Tiptronic
2 or 4 Wheel Drive?: 2 Wheel Drive
Engine Type: Fuel Injection
Stereo System: AM-FM CD
Blue needs a good home...
1991 Carrera 2 Cabriolet
Dale Eykamp
3606 Bernwood Place Unit 10
San Diego, CA 92130-1881
(858) 794-7922
Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)
Leak Down Test
#1: 180 PSIG/20%
#2: 190 PSIG /12%
#3: 190 PSIG /10%
#4: 190 PSIG /10%
#5: 185 PSIG /15%
#6: 190 PSIG /8%
It has one minor spot of rust on the left front trunk channel.
The right top latching motor needs to be replaced.
The steering gear replacement and four wheel alignment are in process.
Ball and tie rod ends are satisfactory (OK)
Minor (1 ?) tear in Driver side seat bolster
Test Drive Check:
Car starts up without pressing accelerator pedal with no smoke (OK)
Idle speed (OK)
No Engine excessive engine noise on startup or running (OK)
No real difference between starting the cold engine, or a running warm engine (OK)
All gauges register properly (OK)
All warning lights appear when ignition is on, and extinguish once engine is running (OK)
Smooth shifting when warmed up (OK)
Tiptronic has slight hesitation when starting in second gear (OK)
No slippage between gear changes (Tiptronic) (OK)
Brakes in straight line, with no shuddering even under hard braking at high speed (OK)
Drive at high speeds with all windows shut to listen for air leaks and other noises (Cabriolet)
Cruise control check - be sure it works (OK)
Go in reverse at full steering lock in both directions to see if there is rubbing or bad noise (OK)
Check A/C function including all sliders to adjust flow, heat and cold (Recharged, No leaks detected w/ sniffer)
Mechanical Check:
Tire wear acceptable and even (NEW)
Brake pad and rotor wear (Rears New/Fronts (70%)
Some cam and overhead oil leaks (Satisfactory)
CV joint boots to see if they're cracked (OK)
Steering Rack Replaced (NEW)
Inspect engine belts condition (NEW)
In darkness, spray ignition wires with water when engine is running to see if there is arcing present (NONE)
***Unplug one ignition module at the coil pack - engine should idle evenly without backfires on one coil*** (OK)
Exterior Check:
All labels present with serial numbers on later cars on all body panels (OK)
Label present with option codes under hood (OK)
Body panel gaps are consistent on body (OK)
Rear spoiler wall intact - check with spoiler extended (Satisfactory)
Paint appears consistent in bright sunlight (Some Checking)
Window seals not pulling up or bubbling (OK)
Cabriolet Top - close top and spray hose at the front windows and roof where it meets the windshield to see if it leaks (OK)
Interior Check:
All warning lights work (OK)
All electrical functions work: window motors, cabriolet top, mirrors, radio wipers, etc. (OK)
In dark setting, turn on headlights and see if gauge backlighting is even, and gauge faces are not cracked (not noticeable in day light) (OK)
Any pitting of windshield or cracking (Some Rock Chipping - Minor)
Seat adjustments work properly (OK)
Emergency brake properly adjusted - goes 3 clicks before it takes a lot of resistance to pull further/higher (OK)
Radio speakers work with no electrical noise/interference (OK)
Request car to be cold before inspection. Start car when cold to eliminate cold start problems (OK)
Restart car after test drive to eliminate hot start problems (OK)
Check for distribution belt vent hose upgrade (OK)
Spare tools in trunk? Condition of spare tire and jack? (OK)
Check output of alternator with volt meter (New Battery/New Alternator)
Owners manual is in the glove compartment, review all vehicle history and service records (OK)
Get the car on a lift and inspect the belly pan, brake lines, suspension. Look for fluid leaks (some engine leaks).
Full toolkit in trunk (OK)
Shoot the 4-wheel alignment to make sure the frame is straight (NEW/After Steering Rack Replacement)
Car should have the compressor in the trunk; otherwise, the collapsible spare is worthless. (OK)
Check for water in the taillights and that the surgical tubing hoses are hooked up to ventilate them
(Some taillight cracking/Some moisture).
Check that glove compartment light and luggage compartment light works (OK)
Check that windshield washer works (OK) Check fog lights. (OK)
Check that spoiler rises at around 50 mph (OK)
Check color of power-steering fluid (if it's black looking, it hasn't been changed) (OK)
Check if air filter has been recently changed (OK)
Check for gasoline odor (OK)
Check air pressure in tires (OK) 34, 38 PSIG
Correct for the size wheels fitted (16 ?)
Check wheels for curb rash (None)
Tire Imbalance at 55 mph (OK) Some tire noise/New Tires.
At speed (70 mph)
Check for correct alignment (front-end floatiness, etc.) OK
Check for exhaust leaks (New Gasket)
Check records for distributor belt replacement (68K)
Pull back seals at windshield and check for corrosion (OK)
Pull back seals at side windows and check for corrosion (OK)
Look at rear engine bay at top, and around hinges for corrosion (OK)
Cabriolet, make sure the top retracts (OK), closes (OK), and fits properly (OK), and is not torn (OK), or the stitching coming loose (Re-stitched)
Original Sales Invoice (Pioneer Centres, San Diego, CA)
Dealer Sales Invoice (Hoehn Porsche, Carlsbad, CA (23,456)
Original Owners Manual/Warranty and Maintenance Log
Spare Tire, Compressor/Tire Inflator, and Complete Tool Kit
Convertible Top Cover (Blue)
Dealer Scheduled Maintenance (Warranty and Maintenance Log Stamps)
Manufactured Date: 11/1990
Sold: 12/28/90
3K (2,998) First Service 01/22/91
9K (9,699) Oil Change
15K (13,453) 12/07/92
30K (23,379) 02/05/97
37.5K (31,073) 04/08/98
45K (42,582) 06/31/01
Scheduled/Unscheduled Maintenance (Detailed Spreadsheet Available)
1991 (2.9K) First Service
Oil Filter/Change
1992 (9.7K)
Oil Filter/Change
1992 (15K) (13,453)
Oil Filter/Change
Vehicle Maintenance
Emission Control Maintenance
1997 (30K) (23,379)
Oil Filter/Change
Vehicle Maintenance
Emission Control Maintenance
1998 (37.5K Service) (31,073)
Oil Filter/Change
Emission Control Maintenance
Mixing Flap Motor(s) Replacement
Climate Control Switch Replacement
Power Window Switch Replacement
2000 (39.7K)
Convertible Motor Mount Replacement
Emission Control Maintenance
Tire F/R Yokohama AVID V4 Replacement
2001 (45K)
Oil Filter/Change
Vehicle Maintenance
Valve Adjustment
Cam Gasket Set Replacement
Timing Chain Gaskets Replacement
Wiper Insert Replacement
2002 (45.2K)
Oil Filter/Change (45.2 K)
Emission Control Maintenance
Battery Replacement
2003 (45.8K)
Engine Gasket Replacement as Required
Transmission Oil/Filter Change
Brake Fluid Change
Hood Gas Struts Replacement
Top Latching Motor Replacement
2004 (50K)
Oil Filter/Change (48K)
Emission Control Maintenance
Alpine CDA-9835 CD Player & Infiniti Speakers (Front/Rear)
Car Cover, Spare Key, Porsche Key Crest
100W Halogen Bulbs and L/R Front Headlights Replacement
2005 (60K)
Air, Fuel, Oil Filter/Change
Vehicle Maintenance
Tune Up (Plugs, Cap/Rotors)
Brake Replacement F/R (Sensors, Rotors, Shims, and Pads)
Tire Replacement F/R (Goodyear Eagle F1 G3-D3)
Rear Blower Motor Replacement
Convertible Top Repair, Repair/Replace Drive cables, and Re-sync Motors
2006 (67.5K)
Oil Filter/Change
Emission Control Maintenance
Valve Adjustment
Distributer Belt Replacement - Preventative Maintenance (PM)
Engine Diagnostics
Heater Component Replacement
DME Relay (Spare)
Blower Motor Relay ? PM
Upgraded Ballast Resistor - PM
NTF Temperature Sensor ? PM
2007 (75K)
Air, Fuel, Oil Filter/Change
Interstate Battery Replacement
Brakes Replacement F/R (Sensors, Shims, and Pads)
Rear Tire Replacement (Goodyear Eagle F1 G3-D3)
Wiper Assembly Replacement (Wiper Arm(s), Nut Covers, and Wiper Blades)
Engine Lid Strut Replacement
Air Duct Replacement
Power Window Switch Replacement
2008 (76K)
Oil Filter/Change
Emission Control Maintenance
2009 (84K)
Air, Fuel, Oil Filter/Change
Tune Up (Plugs, Cap/Rotors)
Starter Replacement (Bosch)
2010 (89.5K)
Oil Filter/Change
Emission Control Maintenance
Complete Alternator Assembly Upgrade/Replacement
(Bolts, Pulleys - 993 Upgrade, Fan/Alternator Bearing, Shims, and Belts)
2011 (93K)
Air, Fuel, Oil Filter/Change
Emission Control Maintenance
Tune Up (Plugs, Cap/Rotors)
Valve Adjustment
Automatic Transmission Fluid Change
A/C Recharge
Steering Rack Replacement
Oxygen Sensor Replacement ? PM
Interstate Battery Replacement
Rear Brakes Replacement (Shims and Pads), Fronts (70%)
Tires F/R (Falken FK-452)
Top Stitching Repair/Rear Window Replacement

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