nor-cal SPEC 911 racer for sale

almost 3 years ago
nor-cal SPEC 911 racer for sale
car 311
Available on
Mumbai West, Silicon Valley Ca

link below is a recently updated build sheet at the close of a thread I did documenting this car's entire build.
has been a solid, competitive car that in the right hands could surely top my consistent mid-pack (fastest of the slow guys) showings here in nor cal's PRC spec911 class.
please see what I consider a very detailed build sheet with all work & parts receipts at the ready.
very detailed history of maintenance, upgrades,,, well,,,
read the plunge thread.
do have speadsheets too.
available immediately, nasa log book and current annual inspection so you can race this car at the Porsche's at the Point event at sears point later this month if licensed and ready to buy!!!!
would consider a delivery/support weekend to introduce you to the car post purchase for a DE or race weekend locally.
the plunge!
many spares included, motor is fresh with a fresher transmission having had work done two race weekends ago. less than 30 hours on motor rebuild outlined in the build sheet.
link to youtube race video from over the years to demonstrate the car has never been beat like a rented mule if interested.
recent (light) contact on the right rear fender could use some professional body/paint attention, as could the sunroof fiberglass plug. non op'd with California DMV for 6 years to keep title recognized.
fun car, race ready car, your car for $59k .
trades considered. 993, 964C2, the right 75 or older cal smog exempt project. check with the honorable Tyson Schmidt as we've gone door to door a couple of times..
he did pass me, but not on the 1st couple try's....
PM or email for details or to discuss

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