Porsche 911 Manual Sport Seats -ivory leather

about 1 year ago
Porsche 911  Manual Sport Seats -ivory leather
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Pair of factory 911 Sports seats in Leather , I would call it Ivory or off white but I am sure there is an official name for the color
I was told they are from a 1983
but if you know better please let me know,
I will try and post some pictures , but my tablet will only do one or 2 at a time,
I have them on the local craigslist , with a lot of pictures
$1500 for the pair , which seems to be the middle price others are selling them for
picked up in Los Angeles LAX airport area ,
Local pick-up
is best , or I can take them to your friends place or shop in the LA -OC area
as you know shipping is a problem , might be able to do it in a BIG box but not cheap ,
will ship at cost