Porsche 911S, Sport seats, 71-73 "Recaro Idealsitz-S", RARE, RESTORED

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Selling a very rare pair of Recaro Idealsitz-S Sport Seats (L+R ),
Recovered in German Vinyl and Recaro cloth inserts,
Complete set of sliders and hardware included. Never installed since recovered.
Here some info from pelican forum and a few interesting 1972-73 documents...
"By far the most comfortable seats Recaro made at the time, and their most expensive.
The "Recaro Idealsitz-S" were a Porsche factory option in 71-73 911s only in Germany.
They are very rare since they were never offered as an option anywhere else and you could only get them aftermarket.
Their description was:
"Idealsitz-s mit vorklappbarer Lehne"
Best-Nr. 31.10.00 (links)
Best-Nr. 31.20.00 (rechts)
The "Recaro Idealsitz-S" are often overlooked because Porsche used the less expensive and heavier Sport seat for the "S" models and the iconic RS, and everybody relates that to being the ultimate Recaro, when in fact it wasn't.
This title easily goes to the Idealsitz S, which has a wider deeper seat, incredible side boosters, and no arm obstruction.
It also weights less than a Sport Seat (with the tilting slider) since it has the tilting option included as well as the slide-lock mechanism inside the seat.
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