Steering Wheels + Parts (Hub/Button/Quick-Release)

9 months ago
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San Diego, CA

1. Lightly used black leather Momo Mod 07 steering wheel (72mm dish), that is in excellent condition and presents essentially like new.
$180 + shipping.
2. Well used black suede Sparco steering wheel (I believe it is the R345 model, with 63mm dish). I used a suede restoration product and it really brought bac the color and nap, although with suede it will always show it's used. The formerly yellow center stripe I painted dark green with a acrylic leather paint.
$110 + shipping.
3. New Momo steering wheel hub adapter for 74-89 911s. Comes with the silver ring that holds the horn button, the 6 black allen bolts and the 3 little screws that hold the canceling ring. I did mount this to the column and wheel to check for wheel positioning. There is a very slight scuff on the base of the hub that was there when I bought it - I've seen this on many Momo hubs, but thought I'd point it out.
$65 + shipping.
4. Lightly used Momo Porsche horn button. This is the genuine Momo product and not the "ELETTRO" repro button. There is a small mark on the top-right of the black outer plastic ring, but otherwise looks like new.
$50 + shipping.
5. New Tekniq (Snap Off) steering wheel quick release (made in Sweden), with original box and all hardware. It is the R100 model. This is a really nice quick-release system in a beautiful black anodized finish. I did mount it to the hub adapter and wheel to check for wheel positioning.
$150 + shipping.
Momo Mod 07:
Hub adapter:
Horn button: