The longhood dilemma

about 1 year ago
Munky King
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Hi all. I've not been exactly a prolific poster, but I've been a member for quite a while, and enjoyed reading and finding some great info out on the site.
About a year ago, I had just about finished my second 912 Resto and just had the rear parcel shelf to weld in to finish the bodywork... but it sat there and sat there and in the end I thought 'rats to it, that thing has to go.'
Not really having followed the market (and it had a VW engine) I was somewhat surprised when I put it on Craigslist at 9:00 on a Friday evening, and the car rolled away the next day (10:30am) with my full asking price of $5k stuck in my hand.
My wife said I should just store it, and she was right. There, said it.
So I replaced the '66 with another car, which I bored of quickly, sold and now I want to fulfill part of my bucket list and have as a keeper a working 911.
I'm really after a long hood, but there is no way I can justify the sort of $$$ they are going for. Which leaves me with two options - backdate or a 912 with an engine upgrade.
Talking to a friend who's family restores classic Porsches in France, he has suggested a 3.2 Carrera as the injection system is a little easier to look after if I backdate.
I quite like the idea of rebuilding a 911 engine and there is an early 2.0 for sale for rebuild that I could then put it into a 912.
While I really prefer the narrow body style, the thought of another car that needs something new welded every year, doesn't fill me with great joy.
Sooooo with a meager $40k in my pocket now, what would you suggest? 912 with a 911 engine or backdate? I've waited through the summer SC / Carrera price panic, so the cars on offer should be around for more than a day.
Having searched this on Pelican, the last discussion I could find was back in 2014.
This is kind of the dream...
(Damn, sorry for the long post!)

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