1992 525iT S52

almost 2 years ago
1992 525iT S52
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Montgomery, AL USA

Posting here as it might interest those that are fans of the E34 M5 Touring but not of the price tag.
Ok, the time has come where my 66 year old knee's can't handle exiting the Touring any longer. I lowered it when I first bought it back in 2005 but ten years later it's aged better than I have. I've thought about changing the springs back to the original height but the car just looks right as it sits now so I'm leaving it alone. I looked around for months for a reasonably priced, used, X3 or X5 but nothing interesting, or without the airbag recall, came up. So, now I have a 350hp VW Touareg V8 in the driveway. It's the first time I bought something that wasn't a BMW or Volvo in almost 30 years. Anyway, I've got about 90% of the receipts for almost everything I've done to the Touring over the period I've owned it. Modifications were done to my taste and the automatic made more sense than another manual trans (also have a Calypso 93 M5) that my wife can't drive in a pinch. Still, a pretty quick manual trans swap could be done for those that have to have one. I just listed the car in the Classifieds of the BMWCCA web page so here's the link;
Way more has been done that I could describe in the ad so ask if you're interested. More pics available also. I'm not taking a dime less than it's advertised for as I'll just put it in a storage unit and let my son worry about dealing with it down the road. So, if you want a great daily driver of just a cool weekend car this might work for you. There are a few little things that need doing that I can't get to any longer but all the hard stuff has been done.
This has been a labor of love for the last 10 years.
I even bought a complete used interior off German Ebay just to get the rear headrests not offered in the US.
Honestly, I get more people taking pics of this on the road than my Calypso Red 93 M5 and it's clean.